Chair History

Department of the UNESCO chair, International Journalism and Mass Communication was established as a result of merger of three departments: “Department of the UNESCO chair and International Journalism” and  “Department of Mass Communications and Advertising” in 2011 because of the need to strengthen scientific  capacity of the Department for the purpose of gaining the status of a research university for KazNU. The Department trains specialists in the fields of “Mass Communication” and “International Journalism”.

From the moment of its establishment the Department cooperates closely with leading foreign universities, representatives of Embassies and Diplomatic Services, practitioners of mass communications and public relations. In the assets of the Department there are new education technologies, Internet-lectures, online-communications, interactive whiteboards.  Organization of the learning process is based on the world education standards.

The Department actively cooperates with representatives of UN, OSCE and UNESCO in Kazakhstan, “Soros-Kazakhstan” Fund, Regional Office of “Eurasia” Fund, IREX,Fulbright, American Association of Teachers of Journalism, Information Agencies of the USA, Turkey, China, Russia and etc., advertising agencies, and Kazakh and foreign companies.

In the year of foundation of the department it was headed by A.A. Niyazgulova (September, 2011-August, 2013), Associate Professor, candidate of philology, member of the Republican Educational and Methodological Board,majoring in “Public Relations”.

Since September, 2013 the Department is headed by N.T. Shyngyssova, Professor, Doctor of Philology, winner of the “Best University Teacher” Grant of the Ministryof Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011), member of editorial board of “PR and Media in Kazakhstan”, member of editorial board of “Bulletin of KazNU. Series of Journalism” (Kazakhstan), chairperson of the “Public Relations” subsection of the Commission on Journalism and Publishing of Republican Educational and Methodological Board of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participant of number of international scientific-practical conferences in German, Netherland, France, Poland, Turkey and other, author of more than 300 scientific  articles,“Relevant issues of regional periodical publications” monography, “Sociology of Journalism” learning aid, “Technology of Teaching of Business Relations Rules subject” manual in 2013, “Management and Marketing of regional periodical publications” manual in 2014,  “Regional periodical publications and national idea” manual in 2015, “Theory and Practice of PR”, “Features of PR in Kazakhstan”, “Journalism and PR Glossary”.

N.T. Shyngyssova is an author of scientific works in the field of Journalism, PR and sociological researches. In 1999 hermanualon«Youth oriented TV-programs in Kazakhstan” was first published. She is an author of “Kazakh Journalism”three-volume edition.

Areas of research of N.T. Shyngyssova are media education, technologies of advertising and PR, problems of mass communications and others. She is a holder of number of international certificates. Under the guidance of N.T. Shyngyssova Bachelor and Master students won prize-places at different republican student forums of PR Club (2005-2016).

N.T. Shyngyssovaeffectively combines research, pedagogic, education and methodological activities. Sheactivelyparticipatesinthe life of the faculty and the university. Formanyyearssheisbeingengagedinpublicworks, in different years chaired trade-union committee 1of the faculty, she used to be a member of the Editorial and publishing council.

Deputy Head of the Department for Research and Innovation Work and International Cooperation isA.A. Saduakassov.

Deputy Head of the department for the methodological and educational work is K.S.Mamyrova. She is an author of more than 10 scientific publications on Problems of PR, national identity and etc.

TheleadingProfessoroftheDepartmentisL.S. Akhmetova, DoctorofHistory, authorofmorethan 1000 articlesandbooks, chairpersonof“Women white-collar workers”PublicAssociation, President of “Ariptes” Almaty Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations, National Coordinator of international projects at UNESCO, UNICEF, UNV, ILO, IPEC, member of the General Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of the RK, Head of Commission on Working Women. MemberofNational Coordination Council on Combating worst forms of child labor under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the NGO Council under the Committee on the Protection of Children's Rights of the MES of RK, member of the Almaty City Council for Cooperation and Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations under the Akimat of Almaty, member of the Council of NGOs under the Government of the RK, winner of the “Best University Teacher” Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011).

GaliyaZhunussovnaIbrayeva – Professor of the department, Doctor of Politics,Academician of the Academy of Political Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1997); Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2000), she conducts active scientific work in the field of journalism and communication. She is the manager of the “Media and Communications Center” (2005), and heads the Laboratory of Innovative Media. G. Ibrayeva is the manager of the UNAI Hub for sustainability at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. In 2015, she organized the Samsung Innovation Academy, in 2017 she created the Samsung Smart Class and a research laboratory for young researchers.

G.Zh.Ibrayevais the member of the editorial board of “Media of World” international journal, member of NAMMI, Council of Journalistic Scientific Associations, and member ofIAMCR, AMIC, CESS, since 1992 - member of J. Carter’s Television Policy Center Commission. She is an author of more than 100 scientific articles. She is a grantee of the MacArthur Foundation (1996), USAID, Mobil grants (1995, 2000). G.Ibrayeva is a twice winner of the “Best University Teacher” Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2006, 2016), the winner of "The best young scientist" State grant (2002), Winner of theAssociation of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan award for the best textbook on journalism (2002)

Teaching personnel of the Department participates actively in social and scientific life of the Faculty. E.I. Dudinova, candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, author of three textbooks and monographs and more than 100 articles on the problems of foreign policy propaganda, international and cross-cultural communication, journalistic ethics and deontology, the developer of the specification and the Catalogue of elective disciplines for “International Journalism” specialty, the holder of the title “The Best Teacher of KazNU-2010”. A.V. Rozhkov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences is an author of more than 100 scientific publications on the problems of the media sphere and PR, communication and etc., author of textbooks on relevant problems of advertising and public relations. M.O. Negizbayeva, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor is an author of more than 100 scientific articles, four manuals, 1 study guide and “Advertising and PR Communications in Journalism of Kazakhstan”monograph. She is the Chairman of the Methodical Bureau of the Faculty of Journalism, developer of the experimental program in the“Journalism” specialty, member of the “Public Relations” subsection of the commission on journalism and Publishing of Republican Educational and Methodological Board of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan,winner of the “Best University Teacher” Grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012).

Also a valuable contribution to the development of the faculty was made byK.N.Myssayeva, Ph.D., Associate Professor, K. Abzhanov, Ph.D., Associate Professor, A.A. Tlepbergenova, Ph.D., Associate Professor, M.H. Argynbayeva, Associate Professor, M.Zhetpisbayeva, Ph.D.,Associate Professor, Ph.D., D.T.Gyubasheva, Associate Professor, Sh.S.Nurzhanova, Senior Teacher, K. Mamyrova, Senior Teacher, B.Ashirbaev, Senior Teacher.

The activity of the professional staff of the department is aimed to modernize the educational system, introduce innovative technologies into the process of training of future specialists in the field of mass communications and PR.

Practical classes are conducted by professional specialists in the field of international journalism and PR, this forms knowledge of theory and the develops practical skills, and therefore the effectiveness of trainingincrease.

Lessons of Master’s Degree Program Courses taught in Englishare conducted by R. Abazov Professors at Columbia University, G.Zh.Ibrayeva,professor, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorsD.T.Gubasheva, Z.S. Orazbekova,N.I.Skripnikova,PhD and others.

Basic educational vectors:

In science and innovation:

- study of the image policy of world ranking universities and the implementation of research results;

- development of recommendations and implementation of image development policy of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi on the basis of new innovative technologies;

- publications in high-rating journals;

- student business incubator for creation of promotional materials in media;

- creation of a base of practices in international media, PR-agencies, press services of state structures, and etc.

In the field of education:

- development of new educational plans in the field of "Public Relations" and "International Journalism", opening of specializations and the introduction of new disciplines;

- creation of programs of double diploma education in the specialty “International Journalism” in the magistracy;

- development and implementation of innovative digital and interactive learning technologies in educational process in the field of “Public Relations”.


The department has concluded a number of agreements with leading foreign educational institutions on academic mobility for students and undergraduates, and advanced training for teachers.

1. University of Wyoming (USA);

2. Ohio University (USA);

3. Istanbul State University (Turkey);

4. St. Petersburg State University (Russia);

5. University. A. Mickiewicz (Poland);

6. International Institute of Journalism (USA)

7. Federal University of Penza (Russia)

8. Institute for Advanced Studies for television and radio programs personnel (Russia).

9. “Eurasia” International Academy of Television and Radio.

10. Tashkent State Universitynamedafter M. Ulykbek (Uzbekistan)

In the framework of the Master's and PHD programs nternships, trainings, master classes by scientists from the USA, Russia, Australia, Germany, Poland, Sweden are conducted.

Students and undergraduates of the specialty "Public Relations" have the opportunity to listen to lectures and acquire practical skills of foreign professors; The following foreign professors worked and gave lectures in different years within the framework of the program “Attracting foreign scientists”:

1. RafizAbazov, Professor, Columbia University (USA);

2. DerinHolthausen, Professor and Director of the School of Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma (USA);

3. Sergey Samoilenko, professor at George Mason University (USA);

4. Aydemir Okay, Professor, Istanbul University (Turkey);

5. MazeikaKipras, Professor, Academy of Film and Television (Russia);

6. DavidMold, Professor, Ohio University (USA);

7. RomanBecker, Professor, University named after N. Copernicus (Poland);

8. TufekciogluKhayati, Professor, Istanbul University (Turkey);

9. VeronikaMenzhun, Professor, International University of Information Technologies (Sweden);

10.Georg Glorious e, Professor, University of Wyoming (USA);

11. YusufCaliango, Professor, University of Ohio (USA);

12. SergeyKorkonosenko, Professor, St. Petersburg University (Russia);

13. GalnikMelnik, Professor, St. Petersburg University (Russia);

14. BoburAlikhanov, Professor, Tashkent University (Uzbekistan);

15.KudretErnazarov, Professor, Tashkent University (Uzbekistan);

16. SofiaLikhovaya, Professor at Kiev University (Ukraine);

17. Aleksey Kovtun, Professor, NATO School (Ukraine);

18. DmitryShestakov, Professor, St. Petersburg University (Russia);

19. Michael Brown, Pofessor, University of Ohio (USA).

20. ShahiraFagma, Professor, University of Arizona (USA).

21. Hans Meyer, Professor, University of Ohio (USA).

22. YusufKalyango, Professor, University of Ohio (USA).

23. Aydemir Okay, Professor, Istanbul State University (Turkey).

24. Amy Edmenson, Professor, Ohio University (USA).

Today, the Department of the UNESCO chair, International Journalism and Mass Communication is the place, where:

- a professional and  dedicated teachers work;

- future leaders of press services and press centers, PR consultants, advertising professionals and international journalists - active, creative; interdisciplinary students acquire new knowledges;

- innovative educational, methodical, scientific and educational work is actively carried out;

- Student media center, "Media Innovation Lab"Science Center, "Newsroom", "PR Club", "Global communication", "Club of press-secretaries", "PR school", "School of the Young Leader", "InterPRess "," Convergent Journalism "," Youth Trade Union School of Leadership" and other organizations work;

- the Republican contest of young akyns “Mashira”, the Republican student competition of creative ideas and projects “The Best Project”, the republican competition of the best PR projects, the competition for schoolchildren “director for myself”, “The best work”, etc. are held


The methodical strategy of the department is implemented in five main areas: the organization of internships and the training of young teachers and students abroad, teaching in English, the organization of lectures by foreign professors, etc.

Laboratory and practical classes are held in a specialized training Press Center to provide information support to socially significant and large-scale activities of the faculty, as well as to develop the creative potential of students participating as authors, moderators, spectators, photographers, editors, PR consultants, international journalists and Since 2011, the MDP / Global Classroom program has been successfully implemented at Columbia University (New York, USA): Students of KazNU, who mastered the project "Integrated approaches to the practice of sustainable development" in the framework of the project "Global Classroom", received certificates of Columbia University.


Research and international activities of the department

The scientists of the department are actively conducting research, they implement innovative projectsat the international level. Intercultural scientific communication owns an important place in the research work of the department: the organization and holding of scientific conferences, the participation of faculty members in various regional, republican, international conferences. Every year, the department publishes a collection of scientific papers "PR and media in Kazakhstan". Fundamental research projects of undergraduate and Master degree students are being implemented. In 2018, Professor N.T. Shyngysova successfully implemented the UNESCO/UN International Communication Development Program. Professor G.Zh. Ibrayeva leads 8 research projects, 4 - international (USA, Finland, Norway, Australia-Chile, Israel - N. Zeland, etc.); 3 - with the CIS countries (Russia, Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, St. Petersburg University, Research Institute of Higher School of Economics, BelSU, etc.)

The department also demonstrates positive dynamics in the sphere of expansion of international cooperation, academic mobility, development of social partnership. The department collaborates with the University of Oklahoma, the University of Wyoming (USA), the University of Arizona (USA), Istanbul State University (Turkey), and the Universities named after A. Mickiewicz and University named after N. Copernicus (Poland), Penza University (Russian Federation), etc. The department signed agreements on cooperation, on academic mobility of undergraduate and graduate students. Since 2011, more than 40 professors from leading universities and training centers in Europe, USA, Asia and Russia have given lectures at undergraduate and graduate courses.




ž UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication, Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov– Russia

ž UNESCO Chair in Ecology – Israel

ž UNESCO Chair - Strasbourg, France

ž UNESCO Chair - Vernadsky, Ukraine

ž University of Culture - Istanbul, Turkey

ž Legionow Museum - Warsaw, Poland

ž UNESCO Chair for the Study of World Cultures and Religions of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Kyrgyzstan)



ž National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO

ž Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

ž UNESCO Associated Schools

ž UNESCO Chair in Pedagogy KazNPU named after Abay

ž Spirituality and Science" UNESCO Chair " at the Institute of Oriental Studies

ž UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development of the Kazakh National University. al-Farabi


Work with international organizations:


UNDP, UNICEF Children's Fund, UN Women, UNV, ILO, IPEC ILO, ITUC, ITUC-PERC, Women's Network, ECPAT, US Embassy in Kazakhstan, Internews, Medianet Center for International Journalism, etc.



Famous journalists and heads of leading mass media in Kazakhstan, PR and advertising practitioners – heads of press services of state institutions, PR departments, advertising agencies, private companies and public foundations are invited to give lectures. They willingly share their experience and skills in shaping public opinion, political image, conducting election campaigns and methods of using PR tools, sharing the secrets of advertising and journalistic skills. The department’s lecturers work with the UN, OSCE and UNESCO offices in Kazakhstan, the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation, the Eurasia Foundation Regional Office, Ayrex, Fulbright, the American Association of Journalism Teachers, and the information agencies of the USA, Turkey, China, Russia, etc. and also cooperate with the National Association for Public Relations (NAPR), the club "PR-shy", leading PR and advertising structures of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Vocational guidance work

The department organizes the “Global School Room” innovative project and conducts online events with schools of the republic. For school teachers, teachers of regional universities organized training seminars on innovative teaching methods.



- the ability to implement their own business ideas,
- internship support,
- search for sources of financing for student projects in the field of PR,
- engage students in research activities;
- participation in competitions in public relations, marketing, consulting conducted by student organizations and associations.
            After the  “Purple Breakthrough” contest, the projects “PR in Kazakh”, “Help for people with disabilities in learning a foreign language”, “Partnership with orphanages in Almaty” were implemented.
             The department actively conducts career-oriented work among schoolchildren of the republic and for the first time in the history of KazNU for two years implements an innovative project “Global School Room”.
            The intercultural scientific communication is of great importance in the research work of the department: organizing and holding scientific conferences, participation of faculty members in various regional, republican, international conferences organized by universities, research centers.
            The department hosts master classes of leading journalists and practitioners of PR and advertising: E. Kakabaeva (creative director of the"Leo Barnett-Kazakhstan"),  international advertising agency E.Suleimenov (chief editor of Zakon.kzInternet portal), D. Batsiyev (deputy Chief Editor of the “Megapolis”newspaper), A. Karaulova (President of Kazakhstan Press Club, member of IPRA (International Association of PR Specialists), S. Balbaev, Executive Director of Kazakhstan Press Club, A. Berimzharova, head of the events department of Kazakhstan Press club, and others, who have become permanent trainers of students and undergraduates in the field of new media and PR.
            Students in the specialty "Public Relations" actively participate in international, republican, city PR-events organized by the partners of the faculty, where they occupy the top places. For example, in the period from 2010 to 2018, students of our department under the program of student exchanges were trained in leading universities in the US, UK, South Korea, Portugal.
            Since 2011, together with Columbia University (New York, USA), the MDP / Global Classroom Program has been successfully implemented and is operational. Students of KazNU, who have mastered the Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Practice program under the Global Classroom project, received certificates from Columbia University.