Report of the UNESCO Center for Journalism and Communication 2020-2021 academic year

In September 2020, issue 19 published and in February 2021, issue 20 of "Kazakhstandagi PR zhane BAK. Gylymi enbekter zhinagy"-" PR and the media in Kazakhstan. Collection of scientific works" published.

In 19 and 20 issues of the collections, 7 articles by students, undergraduates and doctoral students published in chapter 4, "Scientific Creativity of the Young". If we consider the involvement of other faculties and universities, there were 22 publications of young scientists, 15 of them from our university, the rest were from youth of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Our students are familiar with work on UNESCO social networks, on Facebook groups, where prof. L.S. Akhmetova is the moderator - "UNESCO Department for Journalism and Communication" - 136 participants ( and "Media and Information Literacy (MIL)" - 424 participants (

In 2020, the project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan AP05135021 "Development of the national model of Kazakhstan media education in the context of modernization of public consciousness and implementation of priorities" Mangilik el "" (2018-2020) was completed, in which 1 student and 1 undergraduate student took part. As part of the project, two books published in the second half of 2020.

According to the work plan of the Center, work completed online and in the form of conversations or correspondence with students. In addition, they held events together with the Center for Sociological Research and Social Engineering.

The school of the young leader and the school of communications worked. 12 certificates for training in the field of media education received, 11 certificates - for volunteer work on patriotic work.

The head of the Center prepared one chapter for a textbook on "Public Relations", published more than 50 image articles and participated in 2020-2021 academic years in 15 international conferences.

The center conducted career guidance work. They visited online schools: "New School" in Almaty and school #14 in Pavlodar, at the Higher College of Innovation Eurasian University in Pavlodar.

They took part in meetings of the department, in events organized by the department.

They wrote two applications for grant financing at the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and two applications to the International Fund, but, unfortunately, did not receive.

Currently, we are collecting materials for the volunteer international project "Remember Everyone by Name" with the aim of first naming the first composition of the 316th rifle division, which will be 80 years old on July 12, 2021.

Materials about the work posted in groups on Facebook "UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication", VK "School of the Young Leader of KazNU of al-Farabi", on the website of the faculty. A report on the work of the Center is available there.


Director of the Center Professor L.S. Akhmetova