Scientific and practical student circle "InterPRess"

Currently, more and more students are willing to engage in research activities, to participate in conferences and creative competitions. But such an activity requires students to use research skills, which, therefore, must be specially formulated. In this regard, the InterPRess scientific and practical group has been created at the UNESCO Department, international journalism and media in society.

The task of the InterPRess group is to help the future student in finding answers to all these questions.

The study group is close to the practice of student management research. The work of the group began in September 2011, the participants are students of the specialty "Public Relations" (2,3,4 courses). Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in theoretical classes in the practice of conducting scientific research, the process and results of which are then discussed in circle classes.

The purpose of the scientific and practical student circle (NPSP) "InterPRess" is to help students in independent scientific research and organizational support of their scientific and practical work.

Scientific adviser: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Argynbayeva M.Kh.