Project participants

Dudinova Elena Ivanovna

Dudinova E.I. has been working at the Faculty of Journalism since 1998. She defended In 1999 she defended her Ph.D. thesis. Teaching experience - 30 years.
She was Head of the Departments of periodic press (2008) and international journalism (2011). For more than 20 years she has been the executive secretary of the scientific journal “Bulletin of KazNU. Series of Journalism”, where she conducts work on peer review, editing and promotion of the journal to the world citation bases.
She has published the following educational and methodological manuals:
Current issues of modern advertising (1997);
Portrait of the era in Olzhas Suleimenov’s publisism (2005);
Methods of teaching journalistic disciplines in graduate schools (2014, co-author);
Journalist’s ethics (2016, 14,5 п.л.).
Monography «The Kazakhstani Way: scientific analysis of the strategy, integrative mission and methods of informational support» (2017, co-author);
Manual «The Kazakhstani Way: formation of statehood» (2019, co-author).
Overall there were published around 100 articles in local and foreign scientific press.
In 2016 she visited Princeton University (New Jersey, USA), where she presented her paper and took part in the conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS).
Elena is Trainer of the International Project at KazNU and the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty within the framework of the UN International Program for the Development of Communication "Strengthening the Educational Program on Gender Journalism in Kazakhstan" (2018).;
She is Trainer of the UN-Women International Project UNWKAZRFP 2019-003 of the "Media and Sustainable Development Goals" structure for conducting training seminars to increase the capacity of local media and press services of local executive bodies in covering gender-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (2019).
Dudinova E.I. is awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015) and with the sign "Akparat salasyk uzdigi" (2016).

Negizbayeva Markan Onlasynkyzy

Scientific supervisor of the project, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor at the Department of UNESCO, International Journalism and Media in Society of the Faculty of Journalism. Author of three tutorials, two monographs, two methodological tutorials, co-author of a number of manuals and a glossary. She has published over 70 scientific articles on PR and communication technologies, media literacy, gender policy, coverage of migration in the media, innovations in education, etc.
For more than 10 years, she has been the Head of the Methodological Council. She worked as deputy dean for educational and methodological work at the Faculty of Journalism (2016-2018). Marlan is Member of the Commission on Journalism and Information of the RUMS MES RK. She has developed the experimental state educational standard, educational programs "Public Relations" and "International Journalism", alongside being the author of a number of standard programs, test tasks in the disciplines of complex testing, a member of the expert commission in the specialty "Journalism" and "Public Relations", organizer of methodological seminars.
She was nominated and awarded as "Best Young Scientist 2009" and "Best University Lecturer 2012". Marlan has been Head of the research project 4438 / ГФ4 "Strategy, integrative mission and methods of informational support of the "Kazakhstani Way" as a state ideology in media" (2015-2017) and Member of the project #11-62 / GF "Development of media education technologies for the formation of the country's intellectual potential" (2012).
In 2019 she was awarded with grant of the American Central Eurasian Research Society (CESS - Central Eurasian Studies Society) and participated in the annual conference at the University. J. Washington (Washington, USA, October 10-13, 2019), where she presented a presentation on "Coverage of migration processes and the image of a migrant in the media."
Main scientific publications: Evaluating and monitoring mass media in electoral period (2003, co-author); Russian - Kazakh vocabulary of civil society terms, Department of Internal Policy of the Akimat of Almaty (2007, co-author); Management and marketing in mass media // PR and mass media in business: manual (2008, co-author); Organization of marketing communications in mass media. Manual. (2011); Advertising and PR communications in journalism of Kazakhstan. Monography (2012); Journalism and PR. Glossary (2015, co-author); Kazakhstani Way: scientific analysis of the strategy, integrative mission and methods of informational support. Monography (2017, co-author); Kazakhstani way of formation of statehood. Manual recommended by RUMS MES RK (2019, co-author); Coverage of migration processes and the image of a migrant in Kazakh and Russian mass media // Mapping the communicative ecology of Central Asia media: emerging trends and persisting issues. Monograph. Lexington Books An imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., etc.

Elmira Saudabekova Kartambaevna

Narxoz University, Associate Professor at Scientific-Educational Department of General Education. She teaches the courses of social and humanitarian cycle, proficient in information communication and innovative technologies in education. She is the author of interdisciplinary Minor courses as: “Ethics of Thinking”, “Logic and Language”, “Modern Logic: Theory and Practice”. The Author of "Philosophy" Text book recommended by Republican Educational —Methodological Council  of the Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science, and more than 40 research articles.
She organizes master classes, training seminars on interactive teaching methods in higher education. She is the author of courses and professional development programs for teachers of higher education, such as:
1. Technologies of active and interactive teaching methods.
2. The logical culture of thinking and writing.
3. Technologies for the formation of critical thinking.
4. Flipped Classroom.
5. The use of ICT in teaching.
6. Innovative teaching scenarios.
7. Design thinking for educators.
8. Social networks in education.
9. Creation of an educational site.
10. Technology of educational web quests.

Skripnikova Anastasiya Ivanovna

Skripnikova A.I. graduated from Abay KazNPU with the bachelor's degree on the specialty 050504 - "Journalism" in 2010; magistracy of the al-Farabi KazNU in 2012 on the specialty 6M050400 - "Journalism"; doctoral studies (PhD) at the Institute of magistracy and doctoral studies of Abay KazNPU in 2015 on the specialty 6D021300 - "Linguistics". She defended her doctoral dissertation on multilingual media in Kazakhstan.
While studying at the university, she began her professional career as a correspondent for the “Express K” newspaper. Since 2012, she has officially become a correspondent for the “TeleNedelya Kazakhstan” magazine. She worked as a correspondent for the evening news on the "Almaty" TV channel.
She worked as an assistant on Journalism Faculty of the al-Farabi KazNU; was the senior lecturer of the Journalism and International Relationships Department of the UIB University; was the lecturer of the Department of Philological Specialties for Foreign Citizens of the Faculty of pre-university training at Abay KazNPU. Currently she is working at the UNESCO, International Journalism and Media in Society Department.
Skripnikova A.I. reads several undergraduate and graduate courses on journalism and public relations.  She has more than 50 scientific publications, including 2 with a non-zero impact factor, included in the Scopus database. She is also a co-author of the collective monograph "Modern Cognitive Linguistics" (Novosibirsk, 2014). She is the winner of the "Altyn Kalam" award, the title of "Best Young Writer", the prize of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, laureate of the "Dialogues" award; author of several books about the life and work of Kazakhstani journalists and PR specialists.

Shyngysova Nazgul Tursynbaevna


Doctor of Philology, Head of the UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication. Winner of the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university 2011". Member of the editorial board of collections of scientific papers "PR and Mass Media in Kazakhstan"; “Bulletin of KazNU. Journalism Series "; scientific and pedagogical journal "Mugalim" (Kyrgyzstan). Winner of the grant The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), (Washington University, Seattle, USA, 2017). Project Manager, UN IPDC / UNESCO (2018). Head of the UN project - Women in Kazakhstan "Organization of training seminars to increase the capacity of local media and press services of local executive bodies in covering the gender-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" (2019). Chairman of the Dissertation Council, specialty 10.01.10 - journalism (2016). Head of the Expert Group of the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education - IQAA (2019). Scientific works of N.T. Shyngysova are devoted to the problems of gender equality, sustainable development goals, freedom of the press and the safety of journalists, media education, management and marketing communications, and the development of regional media. She is the organizer of a number of international scientific and practical conferences, the speaker of many foreign conferences. Passed scientific training in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Turkey, China. She took part in the work of large communication centers of the USA, Germany, Poland, etc. She is a holder of a number of international certificates. Author of books and textbooks in the field of journalism, communication science, public relations, sociological research, more than 300 articles. On the initiative of Professor, Doctor of Philology N.T. Shyngysova organizes master classes, seasonal schools, scientific seminars, scientific conferences on sustainable development. She worked as a media trainer for numerous courses and training schools for media professionals.  She is actively working to establish long-term cooperation between UNESCO Chairs in order to conduct modern joint research in the development of society. Fruitful cooperation of the professor-teaching staff of the department with scientists from the world's leading scientific centers contributed to the development of a network of universities of the Central Asian region. For several years, the department has been actively working to promote the principles and initiatives of the UN and UNESCO to create conditions for dialogue between civilizations, cultures and peoples. The department implements large projects on sustainable development in the field of media development, journalism and media education, contributing to the effective promotion of an integrated system of education and research in the field of sustainable development.