History department

Dear applicants!

The Faculty of History is the center of training of highly qualified specialists in the field of national and foreign history, archeology, ethnology, museum study, archives, protection of monuments, and librarianship.

In 1948, the historical department was transformed into a separate faculty. In the beginnings of the faculty there were outstanding historians-academicians A.M. Pankratov, S.M. Pokrovsky and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of KazSSR  Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor E.B. Bekmakhanov. That year, the first graduates were 18 people.

If initially only 300 students studied at the faculty and only 10 teachers gave them knowledge, today the staff of the faculty consists of 80 people: 27 doctors of sciences, 40 candidates of historical sciences, 5 PhDs. Along with this at the faculty there are scientific schools of Omarbekov, K.T. Zhumagulov, K.S. Karazhan, Zh.K. Taymagambetov, K.M. Atabaev, W.H. Shalekenov, A.T. Toleubaev.

Training of specialists is conducted on a three-stage system: the bachelor degree course, the master’s degree course and the PhD. Among prominent political and public figures, business elite there are graduates of our faculty. Training of specialists is based on a fundamental knowledge of history, archeology, political science, and cultural studies. During the training, much attention is paid to the development of foreign languages ​​and interaction with numerous organizations, which facilitates to their successful employment after graduation. Graduates of the faculty are in demand in the sphere of science and education, as well as diplomacy, administrative work, in the armed forces, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Security Committee.



Dean of the Faculty of history Associate professor

Nogaibayeva Mendigul Sagatovna