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The first international scientific and methodological conference of young scientists "Archeology: past, present, future" on the topic: "New materials and methods of archaeological research", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of S.M. Akhinzhanov

February 15-16, 2019

Archeology, ethnology and museology

Конф молодых ученых_2019.pdf

2 VI International Farabi Readings, dedicated to the outcomes of the international studies The Botai Culture and Other Eneolithic Monuments of Central Asia April 4-6, 2019 Archeology, ethnology and museology Botay 2019.pdf


The traditional international scientific and methodical conference "XI Orazbayevskiye readings" on the topic: "Seven facets of the Great Steppe and topical issues of archeology of Eurasia"

April 26-27, 2019

Archeology, ethnology and museology

Оразбаевские чтения 2019.pdf