Scientific projects and researches

The direction of research project The name of a research project Project Manage Period
1 Аrcheology Ancient and medieval nomads Southwest Altai: Interdisciplinary Research G.R. Omarov 2015-2017
2 Аrcheology Archaeological monuments Urdzharsky District EKR G.R. Omarov 2015-2017
3 Ethnology Psychological context dysfunctional families in Kazakhstan: ethno-cultural aspects A.B. Kalysh 2015-2017
4 Ethnology Historical and ethnographic, semantic and semiotic culture and genetic study of traditional beliefs and rituals associated Kazakhs A.T. Toleubaev 2015-2017
5 Ethnology Art and worldview of the ancient population of East Kazakhstan: the origins and formation (according to archaeological and ethnographic materials) N.Y. Soikinа 2015-2017
6 Control system of the Kazakh steppe XIX beginning ХХвв Institute volost in a control system of the Kazakh steppe XIX beginning ХХвв.: functions, activity and interaction with the Russian power Г.С. Султангалиева 2015-2017
7 Turkic civilization in the history of Eurasia The place and role of the Turkic civilization in the history of Eurasia E.T. Kartabayeva 2015-2017
8 International project "Erasmus Plus" Developing Trans-regional information literacy for lifelong learning and the knowledge economy G.E. Sabdenova 2017-2020
9 International project "The Austrians in Kazakhstan from Revolutions of 1917 before the End of the Stalin Era" Österreichische Emigranten in Kasachstan. Von der Octoberrevolution bis zum Ende der Stalin-Ara G.K. Kokebaeva 2017-2020