The online conference "Farabi Alemi"

About the online conference "Farabi Alemi"

      From April 6 to April 9, 2020 at the Kazakh National University. al-Farabi hosted the traditional conference of students and young scientists "Farabi Alemi". In total, 8 sections worked at the faculty of history, archeology and ethnology according to the program. The section "World History in the Period of Antiquity and the Middle Ages", organized by the student science club "Nika", was attended by 12 students. Among the reports that provoked heated discussions, one can distinguish: “The place of the Khazars in the history of medieval Turks” (Askarova Botagoz, 2nd year student), “Social and humanistic ideas of Tomazzo Campanella” (Nabidulla Zhandos, 4th year student), “Attitude to children in medieval Europe ”(Davutova Gulinura, 2nd year student),“ Political history of the Ephtalites ”(Azim Aruzhan, 4th year student).

In general, the online conference was held at a high level with heated discussions. At the end of the conference, students' scientific works were presented for various awards.

The main conclusion that was made at the end of the conference was that despite the epidemic of coronavirus, and despite the distance learning system introduced at the university, the interest of students in science is not weakened, but growing. This is especially pleasing to university teachers, as this fact indicates that Kazakhstani youth are well aware that the future of our country depends on the development of science and technology.


Associate Professor at the Department of World History,

Historiography and Source Studies Al-Farabi University

Kartabaeva E. T.