Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology



      Dear friends!

     Welcome to the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology. It’s one of the oldest faculties at our University, which has existed since the foundation of the University in 1934. According to research and modern educational programs, this faculty is proud of its name called “Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology”.

     Today, it is a major innovative scientific and educational center with two Scientific Research Institutions (SRI): SRI of Issues in Biology and Biotechnology and SRI of Issues in Ecology, where fundamental and applied research on numerous directions of modern biology, ecology, biotechnology, biomedicine are being done, involving both teachers and students.

The Faculty has four departments:

- Department of Biodiversity and Biological Resources,

- Department of Biotechnology,

- Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics,

- Department of Biophysics, Biomedicine and Neuroscieces,

as well as Biological Clinics and Agrobiological Center.

There is also Biological Museum, one of the important subdivisions of the Faculty, with more than 5,000.00 copies of stuffed carcasses, endemic and rare species are being unique objects of research. At present, more than 2500 students, undergraduates and PhD students study and work at the Faculty. A highly qualified teaching staff, among them 30 doctors of sciences, 90 PhD are busy training biologists, biotechnologists, and fishery specialist. Masters and PhD students are being trained in some leading universities and research centers all over the world. 


Dean of the faculty Biology and Biotechnology Doctor of biological sciences, Professor

Kurmanbayeva Meruyert


       Prominent scientists and leading experts from the Institutions of the National Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as employers, also take part in training the students. The Faculty has trained nearly 15,000 specialists in different areas of the biological science, working in research institutions, industry, institutions of higher and secondary education of our Republic, as well as in countries of near and far abroad: Harvard, Texas, Virginia universities of the USA, Universities in France, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Russia. There are state and public figures among graduates of the Faculty, as well as business representatives who actively participate in the development of educational programs, practical training of students, and are provided with practical bases.






     Due to the active international cooperation with some leading scientific centers and universities, the teaching stuff creates real opportunities for academic mobility. The students are able to study at foreign universities for 1-2 semesters and as a result of a successful implementation of training programs can get a double diploma of both al-Farabi KazNU and foreign university. All the teachers and students of our Faculty are constantly improving their language skills. Every year more than 30 scientists from foreign universities come to deliver lectures and conduct master classes on modern trends of biology and biotechnology.

    All the students, are engaged in research and most of them receive scholarships and have a good opportunity to take part in scientific workshops at different international conferences.

     Dear applicants and those who are interested in gaining a prestigious education providing a stable career, we are looking forward to You at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology.

     Welcome to a fascinating student life full of exciting events!