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High-quality education abroad at a prestigious university, interesting work with the possibility of dizzying career growth, travel around the world - who does not dream of such prospects?

Students of our department are actively conquering the tops of top foreign universities, contributing to the intensive integration of scientific knowledge, strengthening mutually beneficial relations between KazNU and foreign universities.

Students of the specialty who studied for one semester at a foreign university in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 academic years 


Full name



Sagdyeva K

University of Lorraine, France


Sisemali K

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Ke rimbek N.

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Sabitova S.

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Kondybaev A.

Graduate School of Agronomy, France


Istemirov T.

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Manapkyzy D.

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Bakhtambaeva M.

Graduate School of Bioengineering and Agronomy, Lille, France


Sharipbye Ә.

University of Lorraine, France


Batykova Zh.

BelSU , Russia


Saidildina S.

BelSU , Russia


Rakhmatullaeva G.

University of Lorraine, France


Musabekov Zh.

BelSU , Russia


Atamkulov Rakhimzhan

Vavilov Institute of General Genetics , Moscow


Zholdas Gulzhan

Vavilov Institute of General Genetics , Moscow


Maykotov Bekzhan

Vavilov Institute of General Genetics , Moscow


Tuigunov Dilyar

"FGBUN FITS Nutrition and Biotechnology"



Alushaev Edil

University of Salento, Italy  


Kulseit Dana,

University of Salento, Italy  


Mukhamedgalieva Diana

University of Salento, Italy  


Myrzabekova Moldir

University of Medicine Mannheim University Heidelberg , Germany


Tastambek K.T.

Inner Mongolia University, China


Tapeshova Sh.Zh.

University of Bialystok , Laboratory of Microbiology, Poland


Kosalbaev B.D.

Tokyo Science University, Japan


Mutalkhanov M.

Tel Aviv University, Israel


Akyndykova A.

School of Engineering ENSAIA , University of Lorraine, France


Keneshova S.

University of Pretoria , South Africa


Alexandrova A.

CIRAD - INRA , France


Molzhigitova A.

Research Institute of Horticulture, Poland


Tolekova Sh.

Pamukkale University, Turkey


Doszhanova B.

Hokaido Research Center, Japan


Huma Bauluch

Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey


Аnuarbek Shynar

Roberto Tuberosa

University of Bologna, Italy


Aitzhanova Aida

J. Mounier University of West Brittany, France


Narmuratova Zhanar

School of Engineering ENSAIA , University of Lorraine, France



PhD doctoral student Mashzhan Akzhigit completed a scientific internship on the topic "Extremophiles and Biotechnology" at the University of Bergen (UiB)


The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognized research university. UiB is the most cited university in Norway. UiB has seven faculties and the Department of Biotechnology has a collaboration with the Faculty of Biological Sciences (BiO). Extremophiles and Biotechnology laboratory work with a range of extremophilic microorganisms and their diversity: thermo-acidophilic methane-oxidizing bacteria, Archaea, halophiles, strict anaerobes and hyper stable enzymes from thermophiles with potential for industrial applications. Physiological, genomic and molecular microbiology aspects are being studied as well.

From October 2019 to March 2020, PhD student of Biotechnology department Mashzhan Akzhigit has joined to the “Extremophiles and Biotechnology” research group under supervision of Nils-Kåre Birkeland Aida Kistaubayeva. The goal of this internship was to study samples from hot springs in Almaty region (Kazakhstan) using Metagenomic analysis as part of my PhD project and a part of project “Network for research-based higher education in microbial biotechnology” (CPEA-LT-2017/10061), which is funded by the Eurasian program of the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku).

Role Mashzhan Akzhigit of at Extremophiles and Biotechnology research group was to perform a metagenomic analysis of water samples which were collected from hot springs in Almaty region (Kazakhstan) and also to carry out the isolation and description of bacteria with an enzymatic activity using state of the art molecular biology methods.




A doctoral student Nurkenov Tulendy has completed a one-year internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, USA)


Nurkenov Tulendy, a doctoral student of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (supervisor - Shalakhmetova Tamara Minazhevna - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor) completed a one-year internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago (Chicago, USA) as a trainee.

       In 2018, he took part in a competition for grant programs, the purpose of which is to use the potential of leading world educational, scientific and industrial organizations in the field of training, advanced education and retraining of staff, as well as conducting joint research and and with a World Bank grant, he received a great opportunity to go through one-year internship at one of the world's leading educational and research centers, the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, which is one from world leaders in biomedical and medical research. The internship took place in the laboratory and under the guidance of Dr. James Lee in the Department of Bioengineering, which is traditionally strong in the fields of cell, tissue, neural engineering, bioinformatics, biomedical imaging, biomechanics and biomolecular engineering, is a part of the College of Engineering and Medicine, being one of the largest and leading medical schools of the country.

       An internship at one of the leading universities allowed the doctoral student to significantly expand the scientific horizon, to master a number of new research methods and skills, made it possible to work under the guidance and in a team of well-known scientists on unique equipment with various objects and research designs. Also, as a whole, it allowed to expand knowledge and scientific outlook, acquire and improve both theoretical and practical skills, and staying in a language environment, communicating with native speakers, and researchers from different countries makes it possible to improve language skills.


Cooperation with the University of Bergen (Norway)


During the period from 30.01.2020 to 14.02.2020, I was lucky enough to complete a two-week internship at the University of Bergen.  The University's infrastructure, scientific laboratories, and dormitories impressed me with their development, convenience, and absolutely all the conditions for studying science! I was fascinated by  city, its cleanliness and integrity of the inhabitants. Especially for those students who have never been away from home, I can say with confidence that Norway is one of the safest countries in the world, if someone has the opportunity to visit this country, then go ahead!


Scientific internship at the National Research University "BelSU"


The main goal Of the University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is the development of the higher education system and the formation of an international system of higher education at the world level. Al-Farabi Kazakh national University is one of the members of the USCO international educational program. One of the projects created by the international University is "Double diploma". A student, who has entered the master's program under the "Double diploma" program has the opportunity to study at two different higher educational universities, get two diplomas and complete a scientific internship. It was for this opportunity that Batykova Zhuldyz underwent a scientific internship at the Belgorod State University, graduated and received double diplomas from KazNU and BelSU, becoming a master of technical sciences.

According to the program proposed by the USCO, she was able not only to study at BelSU, but also to work as professors and teachers in Russia in a laboratory equipped with new equipment. Batykova Zhuldyz would like to thank KazNU, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology for excellent opportunities!