Existing research projects financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Рroject theme
1  "Development and evaluation of chimeric bacteriophage endolysins to combat multidrug-resistant Gram-negative pathogens of sturgeon fish"  Dr.B.Sc., Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan A.K. Bisenbaev
2  "Molecular and biochemical characterization of the created mutant germplasm of spring wheat, on resistance to leaf and yellow rust, morphometry and grain quality"   Dr. Biology, Professor Kenzhebaeva S.S. 
3  "Integrated study of bioresources of common reed (Pragmitesaustralis), its ecosystem importance and potential of sustainable use in bio-economy"  Dr. B.Sc., Professor Nurtazin S.T.
4  "Introduction of perennial wheat into cropping culture for conservation of biodiversity and soil fertility in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan"  Dr.B.S. Kurmanbaeva M.S.
5  "Bioethanol production by continuous fermentation of milk whey using immobilized yeast cells"  Dr.b.s. Zhubanova A.A.
6  "Biotechnology using polysaccharide matrix with probiotic biofilms to create combined dairy products"  Dr.b.c. Savitskaya I.S. 
7  "Development of technology for producing biofertilizer on the basis of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria"  Candidate of Biological Sciences Sadvakasova A.K.
8  "Research of biotechnological potential of domestic collection of microalgae for production of liquid fuel - biobutanol"  Sadvakasova A.K. 
9   "Biotechnology of creation of compositions of microorganisms for growth stimulation and increase of adaptive potential of agricultural plants"   PhD Omirbekova A.A. 
10  "Development of technology for obtaining bio-hydrogen on the basis of promising strains of cyanobacteria for biofuel production"   PhD Bolatkhan K. 
11  "Molecular characteristics of TORC1 signaling pathway of Triticum aestivum and their significance in controlling wheat grain germination"   PhD Smekenov I. T. 
12  "Design of yeast consortiums to produce fodder proteins on the basis of whey and vegetable raw materials"   Ph.D. Ualieva P.S.
13  "Microbiological assessment of bottom sediments"  candidate of biological sciences Ernazarova A.K. 
14  "Development of technology for production of biodiesel on the basis of active strains of microalgae"   PhD Bolatkhan K. 
15  "Efficient editing of Scorzonera Tau-Saghyz genome using CRISPR/Cas9 technology to obtain genetically improved plants with increased natural rubber content"  Basygarayev J.M. 
16  "Development of biofunctionalized ameliorant based on coal ash, saturated with humus to improve soil health and increase potato yields"  PhD Akimbekov N.Sh. 
17  "Assessment of Ecological Condition of Unique Soda and Saline Ecosystems of Kazakhstan"  Z.A. Inelova, PhD. 
18  "EEG/MRI studies of brain development of emotional and cognitive functions and their genetic markers in different age groups"  Dr.b.s. Kustubaeva A.M.



# Рroject theme  PI
1 Biologically active additives and biostimulants based on microalgae for application in agricultural and food industry Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.K. Zayadan
2 New antibacterial preparations for treatment of sturgeon fish diseases Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bisenbaev A.K.
3 Production of microbial preparations for rehabilitation of disturbed and polluted soils, as well as for agriculture Berzhanova R.Zh.
4 Psychophysiological markers of depression Prof. A.M. Kustubaeva

Scientific projects "STOP-CORONAVIRUS"

# Рroject theme Supervisor
 1  Production of new immunostimulants for protection against coronavirus based on biomass of cyanobacteria Spirulina platensis and its various combinations with beneficial plants"  B.K. Zayadan
 2  "Immunomodulatory antiviral inhalation spray with spore probiotics"  Savitskaya I.S. and Kistaubaeva A.S