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- The creation of conditions for
comprehensive and most
complete development and
implementation of creative
and scientific potential of students


- Orientation of students to engage
in research activities in the master's
and doctoral


4 floor, 403 aud. Мелдебекова А.А.

8(727) 377-33 33


Microbiologist The main principle of the scientific student circle is the direct participation of students in experimental work on the topics of scientific directions of the Department of Biotechnology 5th floor, 509 room. Ignatova L.V.

8(727) 377-33 33

Lighting the results and achievements of breeding research in Kazakhstan and around the world. In particular, Aytasheva ZG, Zhusupova AI, Nurzhanova AA conducted a master class on the results of the conferenceGlobal Herbicide Resistance, Australia. 3 floor, 326 aud. Шулембаева К.К.




With growing indoor plants and care for them to encourage students to diligence, to instill their love of plants, to learn a variety of cultivated flowers, trained in the care of flowers, to induce feelings of the students to the knowledge of houseplants.
Ботаника 16 Мамурова А.Т.



Young aquarists
Understand and organize the cultivation of fish in aquarium conditions, know the necessary regulatory characteristics for growing fish, conducting scientific observations, as well as prepare students for scientific thesis.
5 floor, 535 aud. Шарахметов С.Е.

8(727) 377-33-34


Генетик Involvement of students showing interest in research activity, organizing seminars and other activities of scientific character for broader studying of chosen disciplines
424 aud.

Zhussupova A.I.

8(727) 377-33 33 (1215)