In the frame of Erasmus+ project Konuspayeva Gaukhar from Department of biotechnology Al-Farabi University  participated in academic mobility of staff between October 14 and 18 2019.

Academical lecture on “Plan control” in amphitheater was given by invited professor from private company according to her professional field of expertise to students of 5th year of ISA (equivalent of Master 2). Lecture was given in English for more than 40 students from more than 15 countries. All students have already professional experiences in Food Agroindustry.

Practical work on “Interaction of ingredients” was observed with French speaking students of 4th year of ISA. In the frame of their industrial project of this semester they should produce some different products and to analyze interactions of ingredients between them during practical works Discussions was achieved by groups (9 groups in total) and in whole discussions of team (around 35 students).

In the frame of cooperation between ISA and ISEN 5th year students of ISA French speaking group work with students from ISEN to apply some numeric technologies for elaborating food products made by food engineers. Practical work on “Facilitation graphique” was observed. The different ways of presentation of technological process, final products and recipes were elaborated.

In the frame of production of some snacks she gave 16 hours of lectures of “Protein and formulation”, “Fermentation”, Lipids and formulation” and “Environment, pesticides, animal products” was given under lectures for French speaking group of 5th years students. 


"Sunkar" scholarship recipients


The "Sunkar" scholarship winner has received a special certificate from the rectorate, which includes the best students and undergraduates of the project. 20 best students of the Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi have been awarded "Sunkar" scholarships, organized by the 20th anniversary of the country 's top honors. The scholarship holder is a student of the 3rd course "Biodiversity and Bioresources" Idaat Nursaul Immanmadievna. We are right to congratulate Nursaul with a series of episodic life!

Department of biodiversity and bioresources


Best Student of the Year


Together with the University of Greifswald (Germany) and the Department of Biodiversity and Bioresources of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology as part of a joint international project “Livestock in the Ile-Delta in a changing watercourse - impact on food security and adaptation strategies” was held a seminar on “Livestock in the Ili River Delta, in a changing watercourse”. Period and venue February 19-20, 2019, in the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, 214 office. Project Leaders Prof. Volker Beckman (Germany, University of Greifswald) and prof. Dr.Sc. Nurtazin Sabir Temirgaliyevich (KazNU, Kazakhstan)

The Republican conference titled "Kazakhstan on the way to modernization of education" for students and university lecturers and Idaiat Nursau, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Bioresources Department, Research Biology specialty at the Nazarbayev University's "Step into the Future" scientific conference. At the conference there was detailed information about the possibilities and disadvantages of research laboratories at Kazakhstani universities aimed at improving students' practical literacy. At the "Step into the Future" scientific conference, lectures and lecture classes and experimental works recognized that the modernization of education in Kazakhstan is a priority of practice. Moreover, Idaat Nursau was named the "Best Student of the Year" at the Republican Conference "Kazakhstan on the Way to Modernization of Education", organized by the National Innovation Research Center "Knowledge of Civilizations".


Extension of cooperation with the school ENSAIA


In the framework of the ERASMUS + project obtained in 2018 between ENSAIA and Kazakh National University (KazNU), Stefan Jurjanz and Cyril Feidt visited Almaty, the main city and former capital of Kazakhstan, at the beginning of April.

In order to strengthen scientific cooperation, they have met with many heads of the KazNU and its faculty of biology and biotechnology, as well as with the Research Institute of Genetics and Cytology and the Scientific and Production Enterprise «Antigen». This company has various fields of activity, including the production of vaccines for animals, diagnostics for the prevention of animal diseases, the production of nutritive solutions and the production of starters for the fermented camel and mare milk production. Kazakhstan is large country with a developed animal husbandry, where for various historical reasons there are various sources of pollution (radionuclides from the Soviet nuclear polygon, heavy metals of metallurgical plants, organochlorine pesticides in connection with cotton production or veterinary practice and hydrocarbons of oil production). Stefan Jurjanz and Cyril Feidt found there the favorite themes of URAFPA and its team Micropollutants and residues in the food chain «MRCA». Currently 3 Kazakh PhD students are supervised by its members, including Farida Amutova enrolled at the SIRENA doctoral school. In addition to their numerous meetings, Stefan Jurjanz and Cyril Feidt also spoke to KazNU students and lecturer-researchers in the form of conferences and presented the offer of 4 masters courses taught in Nancy to enhance the attractiveness of the school.

Initiated in 2007 by Stefan Jurjanz, the collaboration with Kazaksthan is reflected in many fruitful exchanges, research projects and the admission of students and PhD students. The students’ exchange will furtherly strengthen this cooperation.