We invite you to a solemn event dedicated to the "Day of the First President"


On December 2, 2020, at 15.00, the Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology invites to a solemn event dedicated to the "Day of the First President" .  The purpose of the event: Tdevelop a sense of patriotism and responsibility, love and respect for the Motherland, a sense of duty and a desire to make a feasible contribution to its development. Form of conducting: Online on the Zoom platform.

Identificator875 428 5075 Code: h1uvVg   Time: 15:00.  Organizers - adviser of the 1st year students of the group BT-20-01 Doctor of biological Sciences, Prof. Atabayeva S. D.

Everyone is invited!




On November 30, 2020, The Department of Biophysics, Biomedicine and Neuroscience held a festive educational event on the theme "El erteńin oılaǵan Elbasy". The event was organized in the framework of the program "Rýhanı jańǵyrý" in honor of celebration of Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The educational event was held online on the Microsoft Teams platform. The educational event was held online on the Microsoft Teams platform. The event is organized by the curator-adviser Kairat B.K. and students of 3-4 courses of specialties "5B060700-Biology", "5B011300-Biology".

The celebration of the day of the First President is of national importance. The key task of the celebration of the day of the First President is to further strengthen the large – scale historical role of the First President of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev in the construction of Kazakhstan's statehood, ensuring stable development of society in the XXI century.



Kairat B.K.

lecturer at the Department of

Biophysics, Biomedicine and Neuroscience




"Corruption is not for us"


Today, on November 11, 2020, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University hosted a video conference for students on "Corruption is not for us."

Invited guests (speakers) took part in the event on the Zoom Platform and shared their thoughts with young people:

Yrza Tursynzadaqyzy – craftsman, winner of the "Altyn Sapa" award, holder of the order of Honor for the revival of the Kazakh craft, preservation of the heritage of ancestors, education of continuity, view of the national world

Kairzhan Ahmetbekuli Tolkyshev – the head of the Republican project office "Sanaly urpaq»

Bratenkov Alexey Ivanovich – head of the project office in Almaty "Adaldyk alany».


Information letter


Dear Colleagues!


The editorial board of the scientific journal "Bulletin of the Kyzylorda University named after Korkyt Ata" invites you to publish the results of your scientific research.

The Bulletin of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with open access privileges, which publishes original research articles in the field of agricultural, natural and technical sciences, education and humanities and social sciences in Kazakh, Russian and English.

To publish scientific articles in the journal "Bulletin of the Kyzylorda University named after Korkyt Ata", you need to register on the website as an author and download the article in the relevant section or send it to khabarshy@korkyt.kz7 .


            The journal is published 4 times a year, in the following series:

- SERIES OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES (The series is included in the list of journals recommended by COXON MES RK);



On the official website of the journal "VESTNIK of Kyzylorda University" you can find out detailed information about the publication: about the editorial policy of the journal, requirements for articles, for the design of links and a list of references.


Deadline for submission of articles for publication: November 25, 2020.


Elsevier Scopus and ScienceDirect Webinars from November 9-13


Dear researchers, teachers, students and librarians of Al-Farabi KazNU!

We invite you to the Elsevier webinars.

Details are shown below.

Registration is required for each seminar.

The webinars will be held in Russian.

Details about the certificates are presented below.


Register for:

• Register for the webinar using the links

• After registration you will receive an email confirming your participation.

• At least 15 minutes (if you are using Zoom for webinars for the first time, at least 30) before the start of the webinar Follow the link in the confirmation email, you do not need a password to register

• You can add a reminder to your calendar using the link in the letter.


Technical information:

Check the technical requirements of the program:

-          Disable Pop-up Blocker


If this is your first time with Zoom:

1. Join a test meeting - Zoom: or

2. Download Zoom or

3. The system will automatically prompt you to download when you click on the link to join. Please note that the download may take some time


For more information, you can follow the link - Participation and connection to the webinar (participant): 




• The certificate will be in English

• Instructions and a code for obtaining a certificate will be sent to you in a letter 3-4 days after the webinar

A certificate is issued for participating in each webinar.

Register by link

Choosing a hot topic using Scopus and ScienceDirect

Date and time: 11/09/2020; at 11:00


Scopus and ScienceDirect - literature search. Preparation of material for literature review. Date and time: 11/10/2020; at 11:00



Scopus, Mendeley and ScienceDirect - Search for collaboration and co-PI.  

Date and time: 11.11.2020; at 11:00



Scopus и ScienceDirect searching for the journal for publication

Date and time: 11/12/2020; at 11:00



Scopus, Mendeley and ScienceDirect - How to Increase Your Hirsch Index? List of references

Date and time: 11/13/2020; at 11:00



Yours faithfully,

Elsevier Team for Central Asia and Azerbaijan


REPUBLICAN COMPETITION on the topic "My vision for solving the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic" FOR THE BEST SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS PERFORMED BY YOUNG SCIENTISTS


The Council of Young Scientists of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, together with the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation, announces a competition among young scientists of Kazakhstan (up to 40 years old) on the topic "My vision for solving the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic".

            If you are ambitious, not indifferent to the ongoing changes, you are not indifferent to the fate of the country, and have your own vision for solving problems, then send your work and become a part of the youth movement that can contribute to the scientific development of Kazakhstan!

The objective of the competition is to attract young scientists from Kazakhstan to participate in scientific research, and provide them with a platform for discussing topical issues.



Council of Young Scientists of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University together with the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation



Young scientists from Kazakhstan under the age of 40 can participate in the competition, individually or by a team of authors.



Stage 1. Acceptance of applications.

To participate in the Competition, you must submit an application for participation in the competition with a project idea set forth in the form (Appendix 1) in electronic format to or by filling out the form before November 20, 2020. Document name: Your full Name_Name of the project.

Stage 2. Pre-selection of participants.

Confirmations will be sent to the authors of the selected top 10 works on November 27, 2020.

Stage 3. Protection of works and determination of winners


The projects will be defended by the contestants on December 2, 2020 through the ZOOM platform, where the names of the winners will be announced.

The best works will be rewarded with cash prizes and diplomas.

• 1st place – 200,000 tenge.

• 2nd place – 125,000 tenge.

• 3rd place – 75,000 tenge.


In addition, the works submitted to the Competition that meet the requirements will be considered for publication in the collection of the International Conference among students and young scientists "Farabi Alemi" or in the scientific journals of KazNU.


The deadline for the implementation of the declared project by the winners of the Competition, publication of the research results: until 01.12.2021

Projects that do not correspond to the topics of the competition will not be accepted for consideration.


The scientific project should cover various spheres of life, which were affected by the situation with the coronavirus. In scientific works, social, economic aspects, the state of the environment and health of the population can be implemented, and other comprehensive approaches can be proposed that can lead to a solution to one of these problems.

The design-scientific solution can be associated both with the scientific development of a problem or task, and ways of solving the regulation of problems.

The volume of work must be at least 10 pages. The maximum number of pages is 15.


Competitive selection is carried out on the basis of project expertise:

1. Compliance with the topic of the competition, the content and formulation of the topic of the work.

2. Relevance of the project.

3. The novelty, practical significance and competitiveness of the project.

4. The planned location of the project.

5. The possibility of commercializing the project or co-financing the project from business, enterprises, real economic entities.

6. The innovativeness of the project, the originality of the idea.

7. The prospect of the commercialization of the project result.

8. Investment attractiveness of the project.

9. Economic efficiency of the investment project.

10. The quality of the work.

11. Compliance with the requirements for the design of the work (presence of a title, format, links to sources, etc.).


Applications can be submitted to the Competition in all scientific areas corresponding to the Competition theme.

Omiralieva Gaukhar Kasenovna, Tel .: +7 (702) 459-67-48, +7 (727) 377-33-30, ext. 11-62,



Республиканский Конкурс_СМУ_КазНУ.pdf


A nanosatellite launched by the participants of the UniSat program


Participants of the educational program UniSat conquered the near space - launched the developed names of nanosatellites in the upper atmosphere.


Let’s remind you that UniSat is a joint educational project between Technopark of KazNU and UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)


 Congratulations to the girls and mentors with this success!


A student of the faculty Adina Aueskhan is one the winners in the nomination "Mastery of playing the dombra" in the amateur festival "Talents of the 1st year students"


By the initiative of the rector of KazNU Galymkair Mutanov, our university continues the traditional annual festival of amateur creativity "Talents of the 1st year students. This year, despite the pandemic, a festival accepted the participation of thousands of students in the online format. Now we present the performances of young people who won the competition and prizes.

True Kazakh is not Kazakh, true Kazakh is a dombra!


Winners of the nomination "Dombra mastery":

1st place - Faculty of Philology and World Languages, Balmaganbet Madikhan;

2nd place - Faculty of Geography and Nature management, Kurmanbay Erkin;

3rd place - Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, Adina Aueshan;

3rd place - Faculty of Law, Kalamkas Mellat.


Members of the jury of the competition "Talents of the 1st year 2020":

1. Director of the Department of Educational Work Esimova Zh.D.

2. Esmukhanbetova G.A, cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, choreographer-director, artistic director of the ballet " Bakhyt show"

3. Amirkhanov B.K, a cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

4. Z.A. Svanbayeva, the leader of the orchestra "Farabi sazy", kobyz section

5. G.A. Kaliyeva, the leader of the ensemble "Farabi sazy", dombra section

6. Beisekov A.S, dombra-prima concertmaster of the orchestra "Otyrar sazy"

7. Yeshanova F.B., the head of the circle "Variety and vocal"

8. Traditional singer D.E. Stamgaziev

9. Pop singer B.A. Alimkhan

10. Omar Balnur, Leading Specialist of the Media and Public Relations Department of KazNU

11. Assel Zhutayeva – Leading specialist of the Department of Educational Work


Online conference on the UniSat project


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, an online conference was held, organized by the al-Farabi KazNU, with the participation of representatives of the embassies in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Let us remind, that the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) with the Science and Technology Park of al-Farabi KazNU launched the “UniSat” program for girls to create nanosatellites.


 The goal of this project is to develop the knowledge and competencies of girls in the development of nanosatellites, as well as improve skills such as teamwork, public speaking, time management and creativity.

 Within the framework of the UniSat project, 20 girls aged 14 to 35 years old from different regions of Kazakhstan are taking courses on creating a nanosatellite for five months in the Science and Technology Park of KazNU. 


 This event will mark the 20th anniversary of the Resolution 1325 of UN Security Council on women, peace and security.

 The project inspires us that all horizons are open to women.

 Let's wish the girls success!