7М05107 – Genetics (1,5 year)

Educational program

7М05107 – Genetics (1,5 year)

Field of education

7М05 – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statisticsка

Direction of educational program

7М051 – Biological and related sciences

Group of educational program

М081 - Genetics


The program is aimed at training a competitive expert with professional knowledge in the field of general and molecular genetics and practical skills in fulfilling genetic research in the field and laboratory conditions; able to solve scientific and practical issues in the field of biology, biomedicine, biotechnology, ecology, archeogenetics, forensic studies and other areas of professional activity that require knowledge and skills of the expert in genetics.

Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Volume of the credits


The awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

LO 1 - Analyze genetic regulations of forming basic traits of the organism, heredity and variability at molecular, cellular and whole-organism levels of development;

LO 2 - Apply principles of genetic analysis, gene and chromosome engineering, archeogenetics, preservation of germplasm and natural systems at accomplishing professional activities;

LO 3 - Use highly informational techniques of general and molecular genetics in experimental studies aimed at obtaining reliable data of basic and applied genetics;

LO 4 - Design and carry out complex investigations incuding those interdisciplinary;

LO 5 - Effectively conduct research and production activities and take responsibility for the quality of works accomplished;

LO 6 - Display the data of research and production activities at the conferences and workshops of different levels;

LO 7 - Fulfill research and production activities keeping up to ethical and legal regulations as principles of bioethics;

LO 8 - Conduct the design of subsequent professional career on the basis of permanent self-education; maintain team spirit of the company.

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