7M01504 - Biology

Educational program

7M01504 - Biology

Field of education

7M01 Pedagogical sciences

Direction of personnel training

7M015 Teacher training in natural science subjects

Group of educational programs

M014 Biology Teacher Training

EP purpose

Training of highly qualified specialists with a harmonious system of knowledge in pedagogy, psychology and biology, as well as a holistic understanding of the modern achievements of the natural sciences in order to work in the educational field as a teacher and research assistant in educational and scientific centers.

The program is aimed at forming a professional personality of a specialist capable of:

  • interpret and generalize deep modern knowledge of the latest theories in the field of biology;
  • independently carry out scientific research;
  • ensure the effectiveness of the educational process based on classical and innovative teaching methods.

Language of education

Kazakh, Russian

Volume of the credits


The awarded academic degree

Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the educational program "7M01504 - Biology"

Educational outcome

A graduate after studying this program will be able to:


ON1. Use the acquired knowledge in the field of biology to formulate and solve new problems in educational biology.

ON2. Use modern pedagogical theories, didactic principles of teaching biology.

ON3. Use innovative and interactive technologies, methods, means and forms of organizing the teaching of biological disciplines in education.

ON4. Organize inclusive education in biology for children with disabilities.

ON5. Systematically present programs for planning, organizing and practical implementation of educational activities for certain types of training (laboratory, practical and seminar classes) in biological disciplines in organizations in the field of education.

ON6. Lead a team in the field of education, select a qualified teaching staff, assess the quality of education. Equip classrooms and laboratories with modern equipment.

ON7. To supervise the research work of students.

ON8. Use the concepts of biological sciences to form a scientific and pedagogical worldview.

ON9. Formulate the goals and objectives of scientific research, choose the appropriate methodology, independently analyze the available information, identify fundamental problems.

ON10. Apply modern computer technologies (IT) in the collection, storage, processing, analysis and transmission of biological information to solve problems in the field of biology.

ON11. Perform field and laboratory biological research in solving specific problems using modern equipment, be responsible for the quality of work and the scientific reliability of the results.

ON12. Build professional relationships with colleagues and management. Use data from related sciences for their professional purposes. Take into account socio-cultural differences between people in professional activities. Flexibly adapt to non-standard situations that inevitably happen at work. To independently master new information technologies.

For applicants


Academic activity

Academic activity in the specialty "Biology" is implemented in Kazakhstan and international programs (DAAD, ERASMUS, etc.).

Scientific activity

Scientific schools or scientific directions of the department:

The department of biophysics and biomedicine conducts research on human physiology and biophysics, age physiology and labor physiology, methods of teaching biology and chronobiology.

The department has scientific schools that have received international recognition: the school of Professor S.T. Tuleukhanov on chronophysiology and school of professor V.M. Inyushin on biophysics.

International activity

Scientific schools or scientific directions of the department, (scientific projects):

There are international relations with foreign universities Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), Moscow State University, Peoples' Friendship University, Tomsk University (Russia) and others.

Quality assurance (Accreditation, rating, work with employers)

The presence of the accreditation EP: international accreditation

The name of the accreditation body:  ASIIN

The period of validity of accreditation: 30.09.2022.


According to the rating of educational programs among universities of Kazakhstan takes place:

IAAR-3rd place

IQAA-1st place