Special event on the theme «Сыйынар ем Ана деген тәңірге»

Dear teachers and students!

Chair of biodiversity and biological resources of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology in the "Айналанды нурландыр" project in connection with International Women's Day on March 8 invites you to visit the special event on the theme «Сыйынар ем Ана деген тәңірге».

Organized by students of 1 course of the specialty "Biology", curator-advisors: Nurmahanova AS, AZ Childibaeva, Ahtaeva NC zhane Mamurova AT, BM Tynybekov

Time and place: March 3, 2016, 15:00
16 aud., Department of biodiversity and Bioresources
Everyone is welcome!

Publication date :  3/25/2016