Master program

Now teaching on chair is carried out on the following specialties:

Magistracy: 6М060700 – BIOLOGY, 6М061300 – GEOBOTANY, 6М080400 - FISHERY AND INDUSTRIAL FISHING

6М060700 – BIOLOGY

  • Cellular biology

Educational trajectory: 6М060701 - Variety of live organisms

  • Vegetation of deserts and steppes and their protection
  • Biogeography
  • Flora protection

Educational trajectory: 6М060702 - Cellular biology, histology and embryology

  • Stem cells
  • Ecocytology
  • Regulatory mechanisms of cages and fabrics

6М061300 - GEOBOTANY

  • Preservation of biological diversity and rational use of a vegetable cover
  • Fitotsenologiya
  • Useful plants
  • Indicator geobotany

Educational trajectory: 6М061303 - Flora protection

  • Geography of plants
  • Landscape design
  • Environment monitoring

Educational trajectory: 6М061302 - Geobotanical researches

  • Comparative anatomy of the highest plants
  • Arkhegonialny plants
  • Poisonous plants


  • Biological efficiency of reservoirs and steady use of a gene pool of water resources
  • Problem of rational use of water biological resources

Educational trajectory: 6М080401 - Biological bases of fishery

  • Protection of fish resources
  • Environmental assessment of reservoirs
  • Theory and practice of fishery
  • The integrated forms of fishery
  • Regularities of development of hydrobionts