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5.11.2014 у.

In competitions the "Golden autumn" spent in the House of the Students the 7th nomination "The Most beautiful Couple" won students of cours of specialty "Fishery and industrial fishing" Baymbetova Zhanylgan and Igilik Rauan.

Excursion "The Almaty national natural park"

Professor, department of biodiversity and bioresources Saparorov K. A. at 19 september in a dormitory №7 met with students of first course on the topic of the Kazakh National University named Al- Faraby and it`s prospects of development and about faculty «Biology and Biotechnology». Students ask him interested questions about the university and the faculty. The meeting was lively and interesting. At the end of the meeting the students organized a small concert.

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Тeacher’s industry…

There are many different actions in the hostel №7. One of them is meeting students with the professor and Doctor of Biology science of KazNU K.A.Dautbayeva. She started her lecture with words «Ұстаздық еткен жалықпас». The purpose of this meeting was the ability to achieve high results using the industry and aspiration. Then students talked with the professor about their problems, their education and etc. They were happy and thanked the teacher. After this lecture K.A.Dautbayeva promised that she will make the same meetings in our hostel more often.

The planting of greenery

Lately in the hostel №7 the professor of Faculty of Biodiversity and Bioresources S.S.Aidosova, faculty’s docents N.Z.Ahtayev, G.K.Erubayeva, A.T.Mamurova and students of “Phytodesign”,”Houseplants”, “Botanist”(groups ЭКО 105-106к, ЭКО 101-103к, ББ 202к) clubs organized some actions of the planting of greenery. Participated not only the students of our hostel, but Dean, Sc.D., professor T.M.Shalahmetova, Associate Dean Ph.D., associate professor Z.B.Esimsiitova also hostel manager Z.B.Zholtaeva and student council (B.Usipbek,T.Aliyeva,K.Tastambek). This action was under the open sky with the good mood. During the action were planted more than 30 pot plants.

Kazakhstan on the way to general education.

The Sc.D. of Faculty of Biodiversity and Bioresources, professor, academician K.A.Saparov especially talked about the lecture of our president N.A.Nazarbayev which was dedicated to Nazarbaev University: “Қазақстан білім қоғамы жолында”. He talked about the topic of lecture to the first-year students which called “Терең білім-тәуелсіздік тірегі”. Also the professor K.A.Saparov said about significance of diploma, and talked about the difference between our and another universities. He ended his lecture with the words of our forefathers: “Білім-инемен құдық қазғандай”.

“Ана тілің- арың бұл

The Students to professions "biology, 1 and 2 courses kazakh and russian branch within the framework of "Festival of the languages 2012 y." have conducted the contest-competition on knowledge of the symbology, public spoken creative activity (the proverbs-sayings, public kuy and canto, and certainly modern song and poetry). Kurator-edvayzer BB206-r and BB207-r- i.o.professora Nazarbekova S.T. andKurator-edvayzerkazakh flow st.prep. сhair of biodiversity and bioresourcesCHilidebaeva A.ZH.

"From heart to heart! In our lifes of NO place ONKOLOGII!"

20.10.12 students 2 courses to professions "biology of" faculty to biologies and biotechnologies (BB206-r BB207-r scholastic groups,Kurator-edvayzeri. o. professor of the pulpitbiodiversity and bioresourceNazarbekova S.T.,head of the chair prof.Aydosova S.S.) at support of the trade-union organization TREASURY "Parasat" have conducted the action of mercy"From heart to heart! In our lifes of NO place ONKOLOGII!"in branch baby онкологии execute OR within the framework of year, declared by president RK Nazarbaevym N.A. 2012 - a year of the fight with онкологией! The Students on collected facility have prepared the gift all 45 sick детям of the branch, at age from 1,7 before 14 years. Have Organized the fruits, sweetnesses, plays, viewing video recording "SHou dolphin", have presented all necessities for "ART терапии". To our action with big enthusiasm were joined agency holiday "Fieriya" (шоу clown) and kaufhaus "Music lover" (the books, desk plays), for that we express him deep gratitude.