Chair history

Chair of biodiversity and biological resources is formed by connecting two departments: the Department of Botany and Ecology and Department of Zoology and histology.

Botany Department, one of the oldest in the university, it is formed by January 1, 1934 The first head of the department was Professor PM Mishchenko. He, being also the first dean of the Faculty of Biology, is actively engaged in organizational matters is not only the department, but also the faculty as a whole. During these years, Professor P.M. Mishchenko developed working in the disciplines of the program: "Geobotany", "Medicinal Plants", "Pasture plants".

Профессор Бартенев Александр Николаевич 1934-1936, Профессор Домбровский Бронислав Александрович 1937-1939 Доцент Хусаинова Нагимэ Замалиевна 1936-1939

From 1935 to 1938. worked at the department of Professor: KY Chekhovich, MG Popov, GN Nevadovsky. In 1938 he was invited to the chair of Professor AS Lazarenko. Since his arrival at the Department of Botany, two independent departments were organized by: Department of Systematics of higher plants and lower plants Systematics Department. The Department of Systematics of higher plants was headed by Professor N.V. Pavlov, and the department of systematics of lower plants - Professor AS Lazarenko. In the autumn of 1940 two botanical chair of the newly merged under the name "Department of Botany." As a Head of Department Professor N.V. Pavlov.

During World War II (1941-1945). Teaching staff has increased slightly. Its members except Prof.. N.V. Pavlov entered docents: S.R. Schwartzman, N.G.Ageev, assistants: V.S. Kornilov, M.N. Kuznetsov, V.G. Hrzhanovsky and since 1939 - BA Bykov.

In 1947 S.R. Schwartzman defended her doctoral thesis in Leningrad. Since then, she became head of the department and headed the department for a total of 14 years from 1947 to 1961. After it jointly published works VS Kornilova awarded the degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences, B.I. Tarabaeva and RJ Abuzyarova defend the thesis for the degree of candidate of biological sciences.

From all the staff of the Department of significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists botanists have doctors and professors. Under the guidance of Professor V.S. Kornilova defended their dissertations 9 graduates of the department, three of them became doctors of science: it is Lili Budantsev, N.M. Makulbekov and P.V. Shilin, the first two are currently living and working in Russia. In different years the department was headed. 1961-1964,, 1975-1980 y. BI Tarabaeva; 1964-1973 y. prof. V.S. Kornilov, 1973-1975 y. prof. IO Baytulin, 1980-1984 y. Assoc. P.M. Myrzakulov, 1984-1989 y. prof. S.A. Bedarev, 1989-2005 y. prof. N.M. Mukhitdinov.

In the early 60s, a new line of botanical research in Kazakhstan. The founder of it was Academician I.O. Baytulin, which essentially created a school in Kazakhstan. Proof of this is the participation of 10 botanistsfrom Kazakhstan (including 4 associate professor of botany) at the III-th International Symposium rizologov held from 2 to 6 September 1991, Vienna.
Over the years, the department employs highly qualified specialists, Botany, Geobotany, florists: N.T. Ageev, R. Y. Abuzyarova, M.H. Hazhmuratov, S.B. Bespayev, E.R. Orel, N.V. Checheleva , I. Golovenko, N.H. Eremina, Ergalieva L.B., L.T. Tokbulatova, B.G. Valikhanov, M. Bedareva, S.T. Aytakova (Bekmuratov), ​​M.S. Baitenov, S. Abiyev, N.K. Aralbaev.

The conditions of formation of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the transition to a market economy to the University there was a problem of training qualified personnel capable of addressing new challenges. Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi moved to the two-stage system of specialists training: Bachelor's and Master. In this regard, the teaching staff of the department is actively involved in the drafting of the new qualification characteristics, curricula, typical and working programs for the first and for the second stage of education. This is a complex and demanding task quite able to present to the faculty of the department: Dr. b.. Sc., Associate Professor Aydosovoy S (Head. of the department), d. b. Sc., Professor NM Mukhitdinova, d. b. n, professor S. Nesterova.; associate professor: A. Ametov, G. Parshina, S. Nazarbekova, BK Kasymbekov, teachers: A. Childebaeva, N. Ahtaeva, B. Tynybekov.

The official opening of the Department of Biology at the KNU was held January 15, 1934.

Headed the department in different periods of its activity: USSR Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor A.N.Bartenev; Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, Doctor of Biology, Professor B.A.Dombrovsky; d.b.n Professor A.S.Kosmachevsky; MD, professor P.O.Isaev; Ph.D., professor A.A.Emelyanov; old. V.S.Bazhanov teacher; USSR Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor V.A.Dogel; d.b.n, professor. I.G.Galuzo; d.b.n Professor N.Z.Husainova; Ph.D., professor V.A.Hahlov; Ph.D., professor VV Shevchenko; PhD, assistant professor M.K.Dzhumaliev; Ph.D., professor V.P.Mitrofanov; PhD A.F.Sidorova; PhD, assistant professor ME Dilmuhamedov; PhD, assistant professor K.B.Olzhabekova, Ph.D., professor I.S.Kolbay, Ph.D., professor S.T.Nurtazin

January 23, 1934 of the first Department of Zoology was created. However, since July 26, 1934 training zoologists began to implement three departments: Invertebrate Zoology, Head - prof. AN Bartenev (1934-1936), (1939-1941) and Assoc. Z.M.Husainov (1936-1939); Department of Comparative Anatomy and Histology (originally called the Department of Human Anatomy and Anthropology), and was headed by prof. P.O.Isaev (1934-1937), prof. B.A.Dombrovsky (1937-1939) and prof. M.V.Pilat (1939-1941); the third was the Department of Vertebrate Zoology, head of prof. B.A.Dombrovsky (1934-1937), Art. V.S.Bazhanov lecturer (1938-1939), and prof. A.A.Emelyanov (1940-1941).

These three departments existed before 1941, since During the war, they were merged into a single Department of Zoology, who became the head of prof. AN Bartenev (1941-1945), prof. VA Dogel (1942).

In 1946, the Department of Zoology again divided into two related departments: Invertebrate Zoology - Head of Department Assoc. N Khusainova (1946-1947), prof. A.S.Kosmachevsky (1947-1951) and again Assoc. Z.Husainova (1951-1956) and Vertebrate Zoology, where from 1947 to 1951 was the head. prof. V.A.Hahlov, and after he left the Department of Vertebrate Zoology headed until 1956 by prof. B.A.Dombrovsky. In 1956, the Department of Invertebrate Zoology Vertebrate Zoology and re-united: it was established the Department of Zoology, who for 13 years led by prof. B.A.Dombrovsky In 1961, from the Department of Zoology at the initiative of Professor N.Z.Husainova, spun off the Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology.

In 1965, from the Department of Zoology at the initiative of academician B.A.Dombrovskii, separated Department of Histology and Cytology, which is in charge of associate professor F.H.Halilov. and since 1966 - Professor T. Massenov.
In the late 50's - early 60-ies in the Zoology department created the preconditions for the development of biophysical directions in biology. At the initiative was created B.A.Dombrovskii electronmicroscopic laboratory in which enthusiastically conducted search operations zoologists students: V.M.Inyushin, N.Vorobev, K.A.Saparov and others. In 1973, the Department of Biophysics was opened, headed by prof. V. Inyushin.


Академик Масенов Т. М.  с сотрудниками кафедры Лучшая группа кафедры


In connection with the transition to the post of professor B.A.Dombrovskii professor consultant for the Department of Zoology superintendence invited Ph.D., professor VV Shevchenko (1969-1975), who worked at the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SUR. In the years 1975-1978 he headed the Department of Zoology Associate Professor M.K.Dzhumaliev

In 1978, the Department of Zoology and the Department of Ichthyology and Hydrobiology undergo another reorganization: they are combined into a single Department of Zoology and Ichthyology (Head of Department Professor V.P.Mitrofanov, 1978-2001 g.). This name Department kept up to date. Due to the fact that in the years 1978-1985 Professor V.P.Mitrofanov was the first vice-rector of the Kazakh State University, the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor A.F.Sidorova (1978-1981) and PhD, M.E.Dilmuhamedov associate professor (1981-1985). In February, the 2002-2006 head of the department was appointed PhD, assistant professor K.B.Olzhabekova.

In 2006-2007, the Acting Head of the Department was Ph.D., professor I.S.Kolbay. In September 2007, the decision of the Academic Council merged the Department of Zoology and Ichthyology and Department of Cytology and Histology. Joint Department was renamed the Department of Zoology and histology. Head of the department was elected Ph.D. Professor S.T.Nurtazin. This was taken into account that the research areas of both departments are very similar, and that the Department of Cytology and Histology at one time separated from the Department of Zoology.

In 2011-2014, the head of the Department of biodiversity and bioresources was Ph.D., Professor Saul Aydosova Sagidullaevna.

From 2014 to 2016 academic year he headed the department Ph.D., professor Kanaev Ashimhan

Since 2016 the department manages Ph.D., professor Kurmanbaeva Meruert