7M07302 - Geoinformatics

Name of the educational program

7M07302 - Geoinformatics

Education area code and classification

7М073 - Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries.

Code and classification of training areas

7М0730 - Architecture and construction.

1.1 Purpose ЕР

   High-quality training of scientific and educational orientation in the field of Geoinformatics for specialized research institutes, Universities, research and production organizations and associations, national and regional centers for GIS technology, public administration and relevant ministries.   The implementation of the program is aimed at the formation of specialists capable of:

- to substantiate the need and evidence base of geographical and information technology and remote sensing of the Earth in the implementation of national environmental and economic development programs;

- solve problems of forecasting and modeling of geoinformation data;

- interpret the results of the analysis of earth remote sensing data for use in various sectors of life and activities of society;  

- to integrate modern methods and techniques of related scientific fields in the field of programming and earth research;

- to increase the efficiency of scientific and educational process on the basis of innovative methods of Geoinformatics research;

- -       to build its own program of further training and research activities.

1.2 The main indicators ЕР

ЕР type: doctorate

ЕР terms: 2 years

Forms of study: full-time

Labor intensity: 120 academic credits

Degree awarded: Master's degree in the educational program " 7M0730___ - Geoinformatics»

Type of ЕР: Innovative

1.3 Description of the advantages and distinctive features of OP in terms of positioning in the market of educational services

Distinctive features of the ЕР: Comparison with similar programs of foreign Universities

Availability of ЕР accreditation:

International accreditation

National accreditation

Name of the accreditation body:

Validity of accreditation:

According to the results of the rating of educational programs among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes the place:



Joint ЕР (SOP): al-Farabi KazNU, Department of computer science Material and technical base of ЕР: new hardware and software are available.

For the implementation of the educational program at the faculty there are laboratories:

-        “Geoinformation mapping”

-        “Geoinformatics and remote sensing”

-        Center for Geoinformatics and young scientists

-        “Geodesy and cartograph” 

Human resources potential:

– doctors of science – 5;

– PhD – 7 doctors;

– candidates of science – 7;

– masters – 12

. Practice bases:

1. "Kazakhstan GIS and remote sensing Agency" LLP;

2. GIS Terra LLP»;

3. 2GIS city information service;

4. GIS Center Kazakhstan JSC;

5. "national cartographic and geodesic Fund" RSE;

6. "Institute of geography" JSC;

7. Institute of space engineering and technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

8. Sllp "Institute of space research»;


10. KazGeoKosmos JSC.

Academic mobility:

University of Western Australia, Norwegian University of natural and technical Sciences, University of Arizona, University of California at Berkeley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state University, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, technical University of Dresden, technical University of Germany, University of Copenhagen, Kingdom of Denmark, University of Padua, Italian Republic Minisota University (USA);

Scientific schools or scientific directions of the Department,

(research projects)

- geographic information systems;

- digital cartography;

- remote sensing of the Earth;

- applied geodesy.

Comparison with similar programs of foreign Universities

1. Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosova (Russia);

2. St. Petersburg state University (Russia);

3. UC Berkeley (Department Information (INFO);

4. University of Minnesota (USA);

5. University of Salem (USA);

6. University of Ulster (North. Iceland) ;

7. West Hungarian University (Hungary) ;

8. University of Zurich (University of Zurich, Switzerland)