7М11103 – Tourism (БелГУ)

Educational program

7М11103 – Tourism (БелГУ), double-diploma

The field of education

7M11 Services

Direction of training

7M111 Service sector

Group of educational programs

M147 Tourism 

The purpose of the EP

To educate the masters of scientific-pedagogical / managerial profile in field of tourism, capable to solve the scientific, pedagogical, managerial, applied problems of the tourism sphere

Language of instruction

Kazakh / Russian / English 

Volume of the credits

120 ECTS

The awarded academic degree

Master of Science in Services on educational program “7М11103 – Tourism (БелГУ)”

Educational outcomes

1. Interprets the current knowledge, scientific concepts and theories in field of tourism for solving the scientific and applied problems in new and unfamiliar contexts, multicultural and foreign environment

2. Critically evaluates the scientific apparatus and successful practical experience in field of tourism for independent construction and implementation of research

3. Correctly selects the system of independent research methods in accordance with nature of object and methodology of scientific direction in field of tourism

4. Integrates the scientific-professional knowledge in higher school educational process of professional tourist education, specialized institutions of advanced training and retraining of personnel with higher education

5. Develops a course curriculum with relevant scientific content and teaches the professional profile tourism disciplines based on modern scientific concepts using the newest educational technologies

6. Implements the effective communications, interfunctional interaction and interaction with stakeholders during documentation development, management of sales and business-processes in tourism enterprise

7. Performs the resource planning, complex economic analysis of various types for tourism enterprise activities and develops the measures for improve of economic activity’ efficiency

8. Manages the human resources, supports the professional and corporate culture, compliance with mandatory requirements and standards for enterprise, institution, organization of tourism sphere

9. Applies the newest achievements of tourism’ theory and practice for aims of predicting, planning and managing of tourism activities in the competitive, multicultural, foreign-language environment

10. Applies the effectively, creatively, combinatorial of information resources and technologies, software, GIS, GDS for solve of the professional research, educational, practical tasks

11. Consistently presents the his/her own professional ideas and activity’ results in form of presentation, report, article, scientific report, educational material in the multicultural and foreign-language environment

12. Evaluates the level of his/her own educational training, builds his/her own personal professional practical, scientific, pedagogical activities and trajectory of professional development

For university entrants


Academic activities

The academic activity of the EP is carried out:

within the framework of existing regulatory documents and methodical guidelines in the field of higher education in the field of services,

as a result of the implementation of regulations governing the educational and methodological process at the university;

by generalization and dissemination of new normative legal acts concerning methodological work;

by current and long-term planning of educational and methodological work of the university; by coordination of the educational and methodological complex of the discipline (EMCD) of the department for compliance with regulatory legal acts, the working curriculum and the educational program;

by monitoring the provision of the educational process with educational and methodological materials, by documenting the results;

by development of teaching materials; by development and implementation of a working curriculum.

Scientific activity

For the implementation of the educational program at the faculty there are:

a specialized tourism office;

special tourist equipment and for field expeditionary research;

GDS “SABER” specialized class/laboratory;

GIS laboratory;

communication and technical equipment with appropriate software support.


Scientific directions of the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism:

recreational geography and territorial organization of tourism;

ensuring sustainable development of tourism in Kazakhstan;

development of the concept and formation of the foundations of social tourism in Kazakhstan;

assessment of tourist and recreational loads on the ecosystems of specially protected natural areas;

development of the geographical basis for the development and territorial organization of agritourism;

planning and organization of ecological tourism in specially protected natural areas of Kazakhstan;

scientific support of digital innovations in the tourism and hospitality industry;

innovative technologies in the field of professional tourism education.

International activities

Academic mobility is implemented on the basis of relevant agreements with partner universities, including foreign universities, in particular, Kodolanyi Janos University of Applied Sciences (Hungary), Anadolu University and Ankara University (Turkey), Belgorod National Research University, Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, St. Petersburg University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUDN University (Russia), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) (China), etc. There is a possibility of academic mobility within the framework of the Tourism Sub-Alliance of University Alliance of the Silk Road (Xi'an, Hong Kong, Samarkand, Almaty), network programs of UNWTO TedQual. Program participants (more than 80 leading specialized universities in the world), international programs MEVLANA, Erasmus +, etc.

Quality assurance (accreditation, rating, work with employers)

International accreditation, national accreditation. 

The program was developed on the basis of the Professional standards of the tourism industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the participation of employers, taking into account the experience of foreign partner universities and the possibility of integration into the international educational space.

Employers and bases of practices/internships are: State Institution "Department of Tourism of Almaty City", “KazTour” LLP, Tour operator "Kompas", “Farab” International Agency LLP, “Dostyk Travel” LLP, Association of Travel Agencies of Kazakhstan, “Capital Tower Development” LLP, The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty; JSC "Dostyk" Hotel, Almaty; Burger King Mega park LLP, Almaty; Department of Tourism of Almaty region, JSC NC "Kazakh Tourism", State national natural parks and other categories of protected areas, Kazakhstan Tourism Association (KTA); Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAGiR), etc.