7М05206 Hydrology

Educational program



7М05206 Hydrology

Field of education



7М05 Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

Direction of training

7М052 Environment

Group of educational programs

М085 Hydrology

Purpose of EP

High-quality training of hydrologists for the scientific and educational spheres of higher education institutions, able to independently carrying out scientific research to propose innovative ideas in the field of hydrology and water resources. The program is directed to formation of the professional identity of the expert capable:

- to independently carry out scientific research for the ideas of innovation in the sphere of hydrology and water resources;

- to interpret and generalize profound modern knowledge of the latest theories in the field of hydrological aspects;

- to integrate the gained knowledge of adjacent scientific areas in hydrometeorological researches;

- to interpret the received results on assessment, the analysis, calculation and forecasts of own scientific research and to tell them both to experts, and non specialists;

- to develop own program of further training in research activity.

Training language

Kazakh, Russian, English

Volume of the credits

120 credits

The awarded academic degree

The master of natural sciences / the master of natural sciences according to the educational program 7M052 - Hydrology

Results of training

Upon completion of this educational program it is expected that undergraduates will be able:

ON1. to develop educational and research projects in the field of management and assessment of water resources, create scientific texts in Kazakh, Russian, English, summarize and analyze scientific information based on incomplete or limited hydrological information;

ON2. to assess the state of water resources, the regime and quality of water of natural and artificial reservoirs, with an assessment of their potential as a source of water supply for the sectors of the economy, the population of the country, bioresources and compliance with environmental safety conditions for the country's water basins;

ON3. carry out teaching activities in disciplines in the field of hydrology and earth sciences, determine the types and forms of conducting classroom studies, laboratory research during the field practice using modern information technologies;

ON4. apply methods for assessing, forecasting and optimizing scenarios of water supply of natural and economic systems of Kazakhstan for the near and distant future;

ON5. make hydrometeorological forecasts based on natural, processed databases, in order to ensure environmental safety and analysis of scientific research;

ON6. to develop and implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of mountain slopes, alpine, moraine and glacial lakes; to carry out work on the forced descent of snow avalanches by examining, recording, assessing the potential danger of territories prone to mudflows, snow avalanches and landslides;

ON7. make decisions at all levels of the water resources management system in accordance with international and state regulatory documents in order to preserve and rationally use of water resources;

ON8. apply appropriate mathematical and numerical methods to the modeling of hydrological processes using modern software products for the statistical processing of hydrological information;

ON9. substantiate fundamental physical laws and mathematical methods in the analysis of natural processes in water bodies and their interaction with the environment;

ON10. use theories and methods of constructive hydrology in the field of natural water management for the interests of the population, ecology, production and research;

ON11. use managerial skills in the field of rational use and protection of water resources, give recommendations on projects, measures to protect the population, facilities and territories in the areas served, prepare the necessary expert opinions;

ON12. to demonstrate originality and creativity in the team when carrying out scientific activities in a certain direction in educational and research activities.

For applicants


Academic activities

The academic activities of the educational program are carried out:

- within the framework of the current regulatory documents and guidelines in the field of hydrological sciences;

- as a result of the implementation of regulations governing the educational and methodological process at the university;

- generalization and dissemination of new normative legal acts concerning methodological work;

- current and long-term planning of educational and methodological work of the university; coordination of the educational and methodological complex (EMCD) of the discipline of the department for compliance with regulatory legal acts, working curricula and educational programs;

- monitoring the provision of the educational process with educational and methodological materials, documenting the results;

-development of teaching materials; development and implementation of a working curriculum.

Scientific activity

The main directions of research work of the department on EP 7M05206 Hydrology

- Hydrological and water management calculations, calculation of the elements of the water balance of mountain catchments

- Study of the hydroecological and hydrochemical regime of reservoirs in Kazakhstan

- Assessment of anthropogenic impact on river flow in Kazakhstan

- Integrated water resources management

- Floods, mudflows, hazardous hydrological phenomena


The department has laboratories for the implementation of educational programs:

- Laboratory "Water Resources"

- Laboratory "Hydraulic Installations"

- Laboratory "Hydrometry"

International activity

According to EP 7M05206 Hydrology, undergraduates takes foreign internships at the following universities: Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain; Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHMU), St. Petersburg (RF).


Quality assurance (accreditation, rating, work with employers)

The main employers for the future employment of graduates of the program:

- RSE "Kazhydromet"

- "Institute of Geography" MES RK

- State Institution "Kazselezashchita EMERCOM of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

- "Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology"

- "National Center for Space Research and Technology"

- "Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries"

- Institute "Kazgiprovodkhoz"


Accreditation of the Master's program in hydrology from KazSEE 2020-2025