7М07104 - Chemical technology of explosives and pyrotechnics

 Educational program               

   7M07104 The Сhemical Technology of Explosives and Pyrotechnics                                                  

Field of education

 7M07 Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries

Direction of personnel training

 7M071 Engineering and engineering trades

Group of educational programs

 M097 Chemical engineering and processes

EP purpose

 Masters training with professional competence for the solution of theoretical and applied problems in the field of energy-intensive materials and improving their technology.The program is aimed at the formation of a professional personality capable of:- independently carry out scientific research in the field of combustion, detonation and explosion;- integrate the results of theoretical and experimental research in the development of energy-intensive materials;- apply modeling processes for planning and forecasting experiments in the field of combustion, detonation and explosion;- consider the features of pyrotechnic compositions as potential chemical sources of thermal, mechanical and electrical energy.

 Language of education

 russian, kazakh

 Volume of the credits


 The awarded academic degree


 Educational outcome

 Demonstrate system knowledge of the theory of combustion, explosion and detonation to justify calculations of optimal compositions of energy-saturated materials.

Classify explosive substances and pyrotechnic products by application.

Solve technological problems of production of explosives and pyrotechnics by methods of research, analysis, diagnostics and modeling of properties.

Apply in practice requirements of regulatory documentation on the safety of production, storage, transportation of energy-intensive materials and assess the factors of emergency situations.

Critically analyze and predict the basic properties of energy-intensive materials: physical and chemical stability, safety, brisance, etc. during their production and use.

Plan the organization and conduct scientific research taking into account the risk assessment of manufacturing and storage for obtaining energy-intensive materials with certain characteristics.

To develop unconventional methods for the production of energy-intensive substances and materials based on the assessment and adjustment of experimental design schemes for successful competition in the market of ideas and technologies.

Summarize and present the results of research in the form of reports and publications in domestic and foreign publications.

Choose effective modern equipment, combine techniques for studying the physicochemical parameters of combustion and explosion processes.

Apply innovative explosion technologies for peaceful purposes to solve environmental problems in the production of new materials.

To identify the social and environmental consequences of testing and using energy-intensive materials, taking into account the dangers of production, storage and use in the service of the defense industry and emergency situations.

Integrate scientific and professional knowledge in the field of combustion and explosion processes in the practice of the educational process.

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