M097 - Chemical Engineering and Processes

 Educational program               

       7M07103 Chemical Engineering                                              

Field of education

7M07 Engineering, manufacturing and construction industries

Direction of personnel training

7M071 Engineering and engineering trades 

Group of educational programs

M097 Chemical engineering and processes  

EP purpose

To train the Masters for the fields of:- production of products of chemical, petrochemical, food, and other related industries;- secondary, vocational and higher education.The program is aimed at the formation of a Master capable to:- manage the processes of production and processing of substances and materials;- engage in teaching activities with implementation of modern educational methods;- develop technologies for the production of substances and materials;- improve and develop methods and regulations for industrial laboratories of the analytical, environmental, sanitary-epidemiological, certification services.  

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 The awarded academic degree


 Educational outcome

 explain new principles, approaches, theories in chemical technology in accordance with the methodology and philosophy of scientific knowledge;

systematize modern scientific and technical information about objects and technologies in specialized fields of chemical engineering, as well as methods of teaching it,  also using advanced English-language scientific literature;

analyze and calculate the basic chemical-technological data and parameters of production processes, an informed choice of methods and technologies, using modern information and communication technologies, international standards and regulations in the field of chemical engineering;

optimize the technological parameters of chemical processes, industrial reactors and equipment to increase the efficiency of chemical-technological production;

solve the problems of chemical engineering in priority areas of the industry of Kazakhstan in new and unfamiliar contexts using modern methods of scientific research, analysis, diagnosis and modeling;

manage the processes of chemical engineering, quality control of the obtained substances and materials, identify the causes of the defects and take measures to eliminate them;

improve methods of analysis of feedstock and products, diagnostics of materials;

implement the educational process in chemical engineering disciplines in organizations of secondary and higher education using modern educational technologies and teaching methods, including in English;

to develop scientific, technical and design documentation for the processes of obtaining new substances and materials, taking into account regulatory documents of a legal and environmental nature;

manage technological processes and services in order to obtain competitive products, reduce material and labor costs for their manufacture, and minimize associated environmental risks;

develop new technologies for processing natural raw materials and obtaining new substances, materials in innovative and priority areas of industry in Kazakhstan in accordance with the development trends of world and Kazakhstan industry;

manage the work of personnel, special units in the field of education, in the chemical industry and related industries.

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