Round table: “UN Agenda – 2030 and prospects for Sustainable development of Kazakhstan: the ecological aspect”


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April 23, 2020 at the Faculty of International Relations, KazNU al-Farabi held a round table discussion on the theme: “Agenda-2030 and the prospects for sustainable development of Kazakhstan: the ecological aspect”, organized by undergraduates Yu. Kim, J. Karbozova and G. Yermadov on the initiative of the Center for German Studies. Participants in the discussion were 3-year students of the specialty “International Relations”, among them were students from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, as well as teachers (prof. Gubaidullina M.Sh., associate professor. Isova L.T., associate professor. Kulbaev A.T.). The round table was also attended by experts currently working in foreign companies - Sibagat Aldiyarov (Tora Trading Services, Tokyo, Japan), Shiringul Karimova (Outreach Coordinator, American Space Almaty) and Altynay Meyerbekova (Université de Montpellier, France).

The videoconference has shown its advantages and capabilities. Graduate students presented their report, and together with students in the frame systematized the main environmental problems that pose a serious challenge for the country.

An interesting element of the discussion was the results of the responses received during the rapid questionnaire of the participants on the topic “Ecological footprint after me”, which showed a rather high level of their responsibility and self-esteem.

The discussion, uniting the “green issues” and the SDGs, the different ends of Eurasia - Japan, France, Kazakhstan - is another feature of this event.

This event was held in special conditions of the remote mode. Nevertheless, the organizers managed to gather a large audience - more than 30 people, to invite specialists working in foreign countries in different time zones, where the difference between Japan and France is 8 hours, to a serious dialogue. An enthusiastic discussion on a serious topic about the environmental aspects of the SDGs in the country and in their hometown can continue, - this is the conclusion of the event.

The Faculty of International Relations is one of the most active participants in many UN initiatives, has not stood aside and now supported the idea of ​​the UN. At the end of March, the Republican Olympiad was held at the IRF site on the Strategic Plan for the Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the comprehension of the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030. And a month later, another UN-2030 Agenda event was again organized, which discusses the environmental problems of our country and of our city and speaks of the most interesting experience of Asia and Europe. This event is fully consistent with the Kazakhstani program “Rukhani Zhangyru” and the objectives of the country's transition to sustainable development and a “green economy”. The organization of the Round Table by undergraduate students is a useful and successful result of their teaching practice. (Reporting material prepared by the staff of the CGS, M.G.).

The full report can be found here.