History of department

The History of foundation and development of the faculty of International Relations

   The Faculty of International Relations was founded in 1995 according the Resolution of the Academic Council of the University №88 of 28.04.1995 following the Motion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Faculty trains highly-qualified and competitive specialists in International Relations, International Law and Area Studies.

    The idea of opening the Faculty of International Relations in Kazakhstan had been a longstanding issue. After the collapse of the USSR, the Republic of Kazakhstan needed its own specialists in International Relations, International Law and World Economy. As Kazakhstan gradually integrated into the international community, the issue of training specialists of International profile became increasingly urgent. Therefore, the idea of establishing of the Faculty of International Relations was widely supported by the Government was widely supported by the Government and society.

Zh.O. Ibrashev 

 Professor Zharas Omaruly Ibrashev presented his vision to Professor K.N. Naribayev, the Rector of al-Farabi Kazakh State University and T. Suleimenov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and, consequently, certain transformations were introduced at the Chair of World History, which was headed by Professor Ibrashev. Initially, the speciality of “History of Countries of Asia and Africa” was opened at the Chair of Oriental Studies. Later, the specialty of “History of Ancient World and Middle Ages” became an independent Chair. The Chair of “Modern and Contemporary History of International Relations” appeared next. Therefore, it resulted in opening “International Relations” specialty within the Faculty of History. A group of history students with profound knowledge in English, French and German was enrolled in the first group of “International Relations” including D. Suleimenov, T. Unabayev, A. Alipbayev, M. Myrzabekov, G. Ismailova, B. Shiryaev, A. Spartesny, A. Levshin, T. Abdullin, Zh. Baymukhamedov and others. 

 The specialization functioned from 1992 to 1995. By the time when it gained work experience and favorable conditions appeared, the demand for specialists in International Relations in the republic became increasingly relevant. Thus, the issue of opening independent Faculty of international Relations was posed as an urgent one on the agenda.

In summer 1995 Professor Zh. U. Ibrashev was delegated to Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO) to become acquainted with the work experience of a highly prestigious Department of International Relations, that train specialists in International Relations and Diplomacy. On returning from Moscow, Professor Zh. Ibrashev and G. Sh. Zhambatyrova, the Dean of the Faculty of History of al-Farabi Kazakh State University launched the preparation work on opening the Faculty of International Relations. The curriculum was developed and approved by the collegium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Academic Council of al-Farabi Kazakh State University. Structure of the Faculty was defined and specialties were approved at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Young faculty members were selected to be immediately involved to teach new disciplines. The Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan was formed and started to admit applicants majoring in the IR. Thus, the Faculty of International Relations has begun its independent history since 1995.

From the first days of its foundation of the Faculty of International Relations, school leavers of the Republic have taken more and more interest in a new specialty.

 The specific factor of the academic process at the Faculty was that it was conducted by young faculty members including K.Baizakova, F. Kukeyeva, M.Gubaidullina, K.Makasheva, I.Burnashov, I. Chernykh and others, who were the specialists of profound knowledge in history, language, culture, policy of the countries of their specialization, and had repeatedly visited them. Therefore, they were able to inoculate the interest and fondness for a new discipline to the students while conducting the lectures and tutorials in the language of the country of specialization.

With the development of the Faculty it was necessary to teach the disciplines on history, policy, law and economy of foreign countries of all three specialties within its structure. On proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, both "International Relations" and "International Law" were joined into one Faculty. In summer 2001 "World Economy" was also included. This process was quite logical as each of these specialties complemented the other focusing on aspects of world policy, law, and economy. In 2002 the Faculty began to train specialists in "Area studies".

The University administration opened the post­graduate study to train highly qualified specialists, and established the Dissertation Council on "History of International Relations" in order to enhance the prestige of specialties of "International Relations", "International Law" and "World Economy".



 G.Sh. Zhambatyrova

 Professor of al-Farabi Kazakh State University, Candidate of Science (History), Gulzhauhar Shagataikyzy Zhambatyrova, was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty being a talented organizer, competent administrator and educator. G. Sh. Zhambatyrova enthusiastically started a new undertaking, not sparing her time and energy in prospering of a newly established academic unit within the University . G. Sh. Zhambatyrova was a prominent lecturer in History of Foreign Countries having research interest in Contemporary Issues of European integration, and International Relations. She compiled and published a number of textbooks, manuals, and methodical instructions on History of Countries of Europe and America, on History of International Relations, on Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1995 by the resolution of the Academic Council of al-Farabi Kazakh State University G. Sh. Zhambatyrova was awarded the academic title "Professor of KazNU".

 Continually advancing her professional development, G. Sh. Zhambatyrova visited Germany, Humboldt University in 1988; the USA, Oklahoma State University in 1995. G. Sh. Zhambatyrova took part in a number of international conferences: in 1988 Zhambatyrova spoke on the topic of "Regional Stability and Security in Central Asia" in the Marshal Centre, Garmish (FRG); in 1996 at Ankara University; in 1998 at Munich University (FRG); in 1997 at Istanbul University. G.Zhambatyrova was actively involved in social life of KazSU and the Republic; being a member of the Government Delegation of Kazakhstan in "Kurultai" in Turkey, 1997, a member of Kazakhstan) Women Delegation in "Habidat", organized by the UN in Istanbul in 1996, and participated in other international forums.

 Currently, the students of G. Sh. Zhambatyrova, working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, missions of Kazakhstan in foreign countries, and governmental offices of the Republic, remember with deep gratitude their university instructor. 


E.B. Zhatkanbayev 

  In 2001-2005, Professor, E. B. Zhatkanbayev, Doctor of Economics, was the Dean of the Faculty. Professor, E. B. Zhatkanbayev made a great contribution into further consolidation of new specialties in the Republic, improving teaching quality of foreign languages, fundamental disciplines of specialty, and material base of academic process.

 Professor E. B. Zhatkanbayev presented the findings of his researches in series of publications, and conferences held in Kazakhstan and abroad. Professor Zhatkanbayev E. published more than 190 research works, including monographs, brochures, textbooks and articles. More than 30 candidates', Ph D, doctoral dissertations in Economics were defended under his supervision.

 In 2002 the Faculty launched the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs of Area studies. In 2007 an independent Chair of Area Studies and World Economy was established.



K.I. Baizakova 

  In 2005-2009, Professor K. I. Baizakova, Doctor of Sciences (History) was Dean of the Faculty. Professor K. I. Baizakova is engaged in preparing young specialists in "International Relations", being a research supervisor of post-graduate and PhD students. In 2002, K. I. Baizakova signed the first ever agreement on co-supervision of Apambayeva's PhD dissertation with the R. Schuman University in Strasburg, France.

  K. I. Baizakova successfully conducted comprehensive research on contemporary Issues of International Relations, Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Regional Integration and Security. On the initiative of Professor Baizakova, the Faculty developed international cooperation with foreign universities and research centers in France, Germany, India, Russia, etc. As a result of her efficient work, the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan won EU, NATO, OSCE grants in order to hold conferences, conduct researches, publish monographs, journals and collection of scholarly papers, and held summer school with the assistance of the USA embassy.

Since 2002, Professor Baizakova has been the Director of the Centre of European Documentation at al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Senior Editor of the information-analytical journal the "European Dialogue". Since 2004, Professor Baizakova has been one of the coordinators of annual summer schools for young faculty members of Kazakhstan’s and Central Asian higher educational institutions. In 2006, on the initiative of Professor Baizakova, the first Central Asian Resource and Information Centre of NATO was founded at the Faculty of International Relations.


 K.N. Shakirov


In summer 2009, Professor K. N. Shakirov, Doctor of Jurisprudence was appointed the Dean of the Department. K. N, Shakirov did his professional training sponsored by the "Soros-Kazakhstan" Foundation on Legal Reform at the COLPI University in Budapest, and on "Law School Management and Teaching of Law in the USA" sponsored by the USAID. K, N, Shakirov is a member European Legal Academy in Budapest and Vice President of the Association of the Criminologists of the RK. Professor Shakirov is the author of numerous publications on legal policy, education, criminal proceedings, criminology and criminal expertise. K. N. Shakirov is awarded with the Medal "10 Years of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan". 

Since its foundation, the Faculty of International Relations has been closely working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. К. К. Tokayev, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, made his personal contribution to the its development.

The Faculty carries out its work in a close cooperation with embassies of foreign countries, foreign representations and companies and cultural centers. It has become a regular practice to invite ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, prominent career diplomats to deliver lectures at the Department. It was privileged to host the distinguished figure of Kazakhstani diplomacy as ex Foreign Ministers of the RK M. I. lsinaliev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan, the first permanent representative of Kazakhstan in the UN A. Arystanbekova,

 Within the 15-year period, competence and professionalism of the faculty members of the Faculty of International Relations has considerably increased. The lecturers and instructors of the Faculty enjoy high reputation among the academia and beyond. The Faculty has also established close ties with many foreign universities and research centers. Graduates from the Faculty have become highly recognized specialists in International Relations, International Law, Area Studies and World Economy, who are actively involved in processes of maintaining prosperity and success of the young independent state. 

Thus, the Faculty of International Relations, founded on the basis of new specialties that had not existed in the country before, had only three chairs in 1995, whereas there are five chairs successfully functioning there nowadays.

  Constant development of the Faculty infrastructure is widely supported by the Administration of the al-Farabi National University.

  The Faculty is situated in a picturesque campus of KazGUgrad in a nine-storied building with 56 classrooms. Students from other cities live at hostel № 1, which is in a walking distance from the Faculty building.

S.Zh. Aydarbayev 

 Since September 2017, the dean of the faculty is Aidarbayev Sagyngali Zholamanuly, Doctor of Law, Professor, who previously worked as the Head of the Department of International Law. Being the head of the Department of Internatioal Law, he organized the opening of the first Master's programs in Kazakhstan (since 2001) and PhD (since 2005) in "International Law". He is a recognized scholar in the field of international legal science of Kazakhstan, Vice-President of the Kzakhstan Association of international law, a member of the Russian Association of international law, a Legal Advisor to the National Red Crescent society of Kazakstan.

   S. Zh. Aidarbayev – honorary Professor of Xinjiang pedagogical University (China, 2011) and honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of foreign trade (Moscow, Russia, 2012). He lectured at many Kazakhstani and foreign universities (China, Turkey, France). Author of over 200 scientific and educational-methodical publications, monographs, textbooks and manuals, including those published abroad (England, Belgium, Germany, India, France, China, etc.). Trained for the international legal expertise of draft international treaties and legislative acts by the Ministry of justice of Kazakhstan, the MFA, other ministries and departments. With him, the faculty has new tasks, first of all, on joining the specialties of the faculty in the international rating TOP-200 QS Subject, on the inclusion of the scentific journal of the faculty "Bulletin of  al-Farabi KazNU" (Series "International Relations and International Law") in the prestigious list journals of the interntional agency "Scopus".    

   Keeping its tradition, the Faculty International Relations is successfully moving towards new goals.