Laboratories and centers

Research laboratories/centers which work at the faculty

-European Information Centre– the process of European integration and functioning of the EU; establishment and development of the European security system;

-Resource Center of American and Democratic Studies:American Studies; issues of U.S. foreign policy in the context of globalization;

-Resource and Information center of NATO:problems of regional security; issues of cooperation between NATO and Kazakhstan;

-Project “Al-Farabi – Carnegie”together with the support of Carnegie research and educational activities fund the organization of scientific research in the social sciences, international relations, international law and legislation of RK.

-Center for German Studies:Germanic, security issues in Central Asia, foreign policy of RK and German; development of the German language and culture; promotion of educational projects through DAAD.

-Center about the UN:research peace-building; settlement of conflicts and safeguarding of global and regional security in the context of the institutions activities and structures of the United Nations in the world and UNDP in Kazakhstan, educational aspects of UN activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Resource and information centre for the promotion of international academic mobility of students, scientists, Masters and PhD doctors:issues of promotion of the international programs of mobility for students and teachers, organization of summer schools in Kazakhstan and abroad, professional guidance for bachelor graduates and master’s degree graduates for choosing further education in foreign universities.

- he Euroasian research center:Eurasian economic integration issues, the neoeuroasian idea and concept of RK and CIS countries, Euroasian union, foreign policy of RK and Russian Federation.

- Center of modern researches of China:studies the modern political and economic situation of the People's Republic of China, history of the bilateral relations of Kazakhstan and China, Sinology.