League of Academic Integrity

The issues of the Association of Higher Educational Institutions “League of Academic Integrity” were discussed in the Al-Farabi Library of KazNU with the participation of rectors of universities and the Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aymagambetov.Opening the conference, the vice minister noted that the MES and universities of the country, fulfilling the tasks of the Head of State's Address to the people of Kazakhstan, started implementing the 78 steps of the Nation Plan “100 specific steps of Kazakhstan” - a phased expansion of academic and managerial independence of universities. In this regard, higher education institutions of the country today independently determine the content of the quality education programs and solve academic, administrative and financial issues. Obtaining such broad powers should be accompanied by the growth of responsibility and the creation of institutions of self-regulation of universities. As a result of work in this direction, 24 universities, united, created and registered the “League of Academic Integrity”. In world practice, such associations were created in the USA, Great Britain, China, Australia and other countries.As noted, the basic principles of the League spell out requirements for the quality of teaching, ensuring transparent procedures for admitting students, hiring, evaluating learning outcomes, and checking written works for anti-plagiarism. According to experts, all these measures, including other systemic mechanisms, will contribute to the further development of the higher education system.During the conference, a special emphasis was placed on the further development of the work of the Association of High Schools “League of Academic Honesty”. They discussed work plans for 2019, the composition and conditions of entry, the purchase of software software testing for plagiarism "Turnitin", improving the policy of academic integrity in universities and many more. Others. Their suggestions and opinions were voiced by the rector of the Kazakh National University, Galym Mutanov, the vice-rector for academic work and science of the KazGUA University named after M.S. Narikbaeva M.M. Daulenov, Vice-Minister for Academic Affairs of Nazarbayev University, Lourette O. Donella, and others.


Publication date :  11/24/2018