Chair history

Deep integration of new computer technologies in various industries, education and science demands that professionals working in these areas should have a new special education in computer technologies. So some symbiosis of one specialty on mathematical modeling in a composition with computer technologies was required. In order to simulate any process in the language of equations, a specialist should have higher mathematical education and skills. It is not difficult to guess that the need for training specialists in such areas arose from the practical necessity. In 1999, after the fall of the second stage carrier rocket "Proton K" on the territory of the Karaganda region the Kazakhstan-Russia Intergovernmental Commission on the Elimination and assessment of environmental damage from accidents was established. At the time, neither environmentalists nor chemists could find any traces of the spill of a toxic rocket fuel. The mathematics dealing with mathematical and computer modeling of natural processes were able to cope with this challenge. Evaluation of environmental damage and loss of habitat to find propellant by computer simulation, provided the scientific justification for the claim of Kazakhstan to the Russian Space Agency, and the simulation results were confirmed by Russian chemists. The consequences of the accident indicated the need for training specialists in computer modeling of complex physical processes.

In order to ensure the needs of the country's experts on modern information technologies the specialty of mathematical and computer modeling was approved by the order № 54-1 Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 25th December 2002, on Amending the Order № 85 dated 19th February 2001 "On approval of the classifier training areas and specialties of higher professional education of Kazakhstan". In connection with the emergence of a new specialty of Mechanics and Mathematics Department of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi in 2002 the Department of Computer and computer technology that oversaw this specialty was organized.

Zhumagulov Bakytzhan Tursynovich. - Doctor of technical sciences, professor, Academician of International Engineering Academy, Engineering Academy of Kazakhstan, the New York Academy of Sciences (USA), laureate of State Prize of RK in the field of science, technology and education Қазақстанның еңбек сініргенќайраткері", a famous scientist in the field of applied mathematics and information technology, a prominent public figure and politician was appointed the Head of the Department "

Within a short period the young department became one of the major departments of training in computer technologies. The Chair has a science lab "Mathematical and computer modeling of natural processes, where the research is being performed to solve the problems of hydrodynamics, heat - and mass transfer, chemical kinetics, combustion, etc. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern computer equipment, which allows you to study at a higher scientific level.