International projects and studies

Teachers of the department take part in the international project MEDIS- methodology for the preparation of highly qualified engineers at the master level by the design and development of advanced systems Industrial Informatics (AIISM - Advanced Industrial Informatics Systems).

The aim of the project MEDIS - modernization master programs of partner universities by introducing into the curriculum of engineering specialties specialization modules "Advanced Industrial Informatics (AIISM)», aimed at training professionals in the field of engineering design and development of industrial information systems using microcomputers, industrial computers, and mobile cloud computing platform for decentralized control and management of complex processes.

European Project TEMPUS 543808 «PICTET: Development of professional ICT education on the basis of national qualifications systems of Russia and Kazakhstan."

Project site

Aim of the project

• develop a framework for ICT qualifications of Russia and Kazakhstan, based on the European approach.

• Establish a system of professional ICT education based on European quality control mechanisms.

• Establish a network of training centers of computer education in Russia and Kazakhstan.

• Dissemination of results obtained in the course of the project, including Russian and Kazakh universities.