Educational and methodological activities

Methodical work is conducted in accordance with the "Program of innovative development department of the theory of literary translation and literary creation for 2011-2015", developed by the university on the basis of the transformation program of the University into a national research university. According to these programs competence approach is one of the important mechanisms to update the existing and creation of new knowledge in the field of content, methods and teaching aids.



Faculty of Philology and World Languages, Department of Foreign Philology and Translation Studies of Al-Farabi KazNU invites you to take part on November 25, 2019 in the International Scientific and Educational-Methodological Conference on “Philology, Linguodidactics and Translation Studies: Actual Issues and Development Trends”. Teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions, doctoral students and undergraduates of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad, teachers of schools and grammar schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan are invited to participate in the conference.


The conference plans to work on sections in the following areas:


  • ·      Theory and methodology of professional training of future teachers and translators
  • ·      Issues of teaching foreign languages in a non-linguistic university 
  • ·      Modern technologies of teaching foreign languages in high school and university
  • ·      General theoretical and particular problems of linguistics and translation
  • ·      Linguistic picture of the world and the interaction of cultures
  • ·      Linguistic aspects of translation