The list of the Graduation Research Papers

List of Diploma Project Themes (2014 – 2015)


Translational Transformation of Concepts in Works of O.Wilde «The Picture of Dorian Grey» and M.Zhumabayev «The Sin of Sholpan»

The typology of mythopoetic images in American and Kazakh prose and the problem of its transmission in the Russian translation (based on the works of John Updike and Oralkhan Bokeev).Metaphor in Abai Kunanbaiev’s poems and peculiarities of translation into russian and english languages

Objective and Symbolic World of John Cheever’s Prose and its Reproduction in Russian Translation.

Functions of Screen Advertisement and Peculiarities of its Translation on the base of English, Kazakh and Russian Languages.Pragmatics in translation of A.Alimzhanov’s work «Blue mountains»

Epithet and Comparison of Abay's Poems: Original and Translation (comparative analysis)

Semantic - structural System of Abay’s Poem: Original and Translation (comparative analysis)The translation of national ethnographical peculiarities in the novel of B.Momyshuly «Our family»

The transmission of humour in the russian translation of B.Mailin’s short stories

The translation of technical terms into english and russian languages

The comparative analysis of the translation M.Zhumabaev’s position in the story «The sin of Sholpan»

The peculiarities of translation cartoons.

The translation experience of K.Yusupov

The creative laboratory of translator (by K.Karaman’s works)

The translation of O.Bokey’s short stories into russian.

The author’s expression in O.Bokey’s stories and its transmission in translation

The peculiarities of translation M.Shahanov’s poems into russian

The peculiarities of translation J.London’s works into кazakh language

Тhe peculiarities of author’s translation

The national peculiarities in T.Iztileuly’s works «Shahnama»

Z.Kabdolov’s translation experience

A.Satybaldiev’s is a translator of prose (by I.Goncharov’s novel Precipice)

The translation of publicity texts into kazakh language

The peculiarities of transmission English realis in D.Swift and D.Defo’s novels into kazakh language

of occasionalisms in the story L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and the problems of translation

Functions of the grotesque in the story L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and the problem of translation

Functions of anthroponomy in the story L. Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice through the looking-glass" and the problem of translation

Передача историзмов и архаизмов при художественном переводе

Transfer of historicism and archaisms in literary translation

Проблема передачи на русский язык индивидуально-авторских особенностей сказки Д.Барри «Питер Пэн».

Transfer problem of individual copyright peculiarities of the tale D. Barry, "Peter Pan" into the Russian language

Оды Д.Китса в русских переводах

D. Keats’ Ode in Russian translation

Межкультурные аспекты перевода рекламного текста

Intercultural aspects of translation of advertising texts

Способы перевода английского просторечия на русский язык

Ways of translating the popular English into the Russian language

Problem of translatability of stylistically reduced vocabulary in a literary text

Poetic system of "Ballad of Reading Prison” by O. Wilde, and its re-establishment features in the russian tradition of translation

Irony and sarcasm in works by O. Wilde, and their features transfer to the russian translation

Tales of O. Wilde in russian art literature

Tragedy by William Shakespeare in russian translation criticism

The onomastics and the problem of translation

The problem of reproduction Bayron’s poetry in translation

Kazakh - Chinese literary relation and artistic translation

Comparative analysis of the novel M.Auezov’s “Fierce Grey”into the russian and english languages

The problem of translation of S.Maugham’s prose into Russian