The best student of the chair

Kaliyeva Maral Seitazimovna. Was born 24.05.1995 in Satpayev, Karaganda district. 
MA student of KazNU, 2 course. Graduated from Kaznu in 2017. Specialty - Foreign Phililogy. During the 2nd semester of 2018 earned presidential scholarship.




On November 8, 2018, the presentation of the book “Queen of Roses” written by the poet Katsman Yuliya was held at the Faculty of Philology and World Languages ​​at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

Yuliya Katsman, graduate student of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, on translation studies specialty. Students, graduates and faculty members were guests of the event. Yuliya Katsman is a poetess who writes poems in three languages ​​- English, Russian and Kazakh. Yuliya is also an artist, she accompanies each poem with her author's drawing. Among her translations are translations of poems by such great poets of Kazakh poetry as Abai Kunanbayev, Magzhan Zhumabayev, Mukagali Makatayev.

The review of the book "Queen of Roses" was written by poetess Kalima Murzabayeva, a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. The presentation was given by the head of the department, Candidate of Philological Sciences Karagoyshieva Danel Almasbekovna, Candidate of Philological Sciences Suleimenova Gulsim Seylkhanovna, professor Kazybek Gulmira Kudaybergenkyzy. Students shared their impressions of the new book. Students of literary association "Tarzhiman" read the author's poems in three languages.

Students, graduates and teachers of the faculty congratulated Yuliya Katsman with publishing of the book, wished her health, further successful creative path. The evening was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.