6B11201 - Life Safety and Environmental Protection

Educational program

6B11201 - Life Safety and Environmental Protection

The field of education

6B11 Services

Direction of training

6B112 Occupational Health and Safety

Group of educational programs

B094- Sanitary preventive measures

The purpose of the EP

Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of life safety and environmental protection, capable of high-quality implementation of production and technological, research, organizational, management and project activities in the field of solving complex problems to ensure safety in emergencies, as well as in the performance of basic production processes in industrial enterprises.

The program is aimed at the formation of the personality of a specialist with critical thinking; capable of implementing methods and methods of protecting humans and the techno sphere from anthropogenic and natural hazards; elimination of the consequences of exposure to hazards.

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Volume of loans

240 academic credits

Academic degree awarded



Learning result

Upon completion of this educational program, students are expected to be able to:

1. Develop and ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation in the field of life safety and environmental protection to ensure safety in general;

2. Carry out measurements of the levels of hazards in production conditions, process the results obtained in accordance with regulatory requirements, make forecasts of the possible development of the situation to predict and prevent hazards in production;

3. Evaluate occupational risks taking into account the nature of harmful and dangerous factors of the working environment, labor process based on measurement and monitoring data;

4. Develop and introduce new techniques and technologies to ensure life safety, environmental protection, and protection in emergency situations using international standards and RK standards;

5. Plan and manage factors of fire, industrial, energy and environmental safety, organize the safety of equipment and technological processes to protect employees from hazards of man-made and natural origin;

6. Carry out certification of workplaces and carry out work to create comfortable working conditions, prevent and prevent accidents and occupational diseases in production using the methods of certification and certification;

7. Prepare a report of the research, prepare data for the development and implementation of activities to ensure the safety of life and environmental protection;

8. Ensure compliance with basic technical and organizational measures to eliminate the consequences of natural and man-made emergencies in accordance with regulatory documents;

9. Exercise control over the fulfillment of labor safety requirements, the prevention of emergency situations at work and the protection of the environment on the basis of statutory and other regulatory acts;

10. Choose and demonstrate effective means of protection against negative factors of production and the environment based on a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the chosen means of protection;

11. Be able to organize training on ensuring safety and labor protection, organizing civil protection, ensuring safety from environmental factors and hazards of the energy system of the enterprise and apply in practice the skills to provide first aid to victims in emergency situations to reduce the loss of population and personnel of economic facilities;

12. Build a personal educational trajectory throughout life for self-development and career growth, to focus on a healthy lifestyle to ensure a full-fledged social and professional activities through methods and means of physical culture.

For incoming


Academic activities

The academic activity of the educational program is carried out:

- within the framework of existing regulatory documents and methodological recommendations in the field of life safety and environmental protection;

- as a result of the implementation of regulatory documents regulating the educational and methodological process at the university;

-generalization and dissemination of new normative legal acts concerning methodological work;

-current and long-term planning of the educational and methodological work of the university; coordination of the educational and methodological complex (UMKD) of the discipline of the department for compliance with normative legal acts, working curricula and educational programs;

- monitoring the provision of the educational process with teaching materials, documenting the results;

-development of teaching materials; development and implementation of the working curriculum

Scientific activity

The faculty has laboratories for the implementation of educational programs:

- Laboratory "Occupational Safety and industrial Sanitation";

- Laboratory "Chemical and biological safety";

- Laboratory "Radiation Safety";

- Laboratory "Laboratory of Chemical Analysis";

International activities

Students of 3-4 courses have the opportunity to study at leading universities in the world as part of the academic mobility program.

Teachers of the educational program undergo internships abroad, educational courses for the exchange of experience, acquisition of new competencies, improvement of educational skills.

Students of the specialty studied abroad under the international program "Erasmus+" at Middlesex University in London (UK). According to the Occupational Safety Health and Environment program, 3 modules have been trained for six months.

Quality assurance (accreditation, rating, work with employers)

International and national accreditation.

For the future employment of graduates of the program, key employers are:

- Regional, district, city departments of emergency situations;

- Emergency Agency;

- Departments of urban ecology;

- SI “Kazselezaschita KFS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”;

- SSE "Tospa Su";

- LLP "Grand Royals";

- LLP "Samek International";

- JSC "Vernal Oil Kazakhstan";


- LLP "YUZHPROMSNAB", LLP "Corporation" "Kazakhmys ";

- JSC "Altyntau Kokshetau";

- JSC "Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Combine";

- RSE "Institute of Combustion Problems";

- Regional high schools, colleges.