6B11103 – Restaurant and hotel business

Educational program

6B11103 – Restaurant and hotel business 

The field of education

6B11 Services

Direction of training

6B111 Service sector

Group of educational programs

B093 Restaurant and hotel business 

The purpose of the EP

To prepare competitive bachelors with fundamental knowledge and practical skills, able to professionally solve organizational, managerial and industrial-technical problems in the field of restaurant and hotel business.

Language of instruction

Kazakh / Russian / English 

Volume of the credits

240 ECTS

The awarded academic degree

Bachelor of Services on the educational program “6B11103 – Restaurant and hotel business”

Educational outcomes

ON 1: To justify the choice of forms and methods of organizing production activities, taking into account the current regulatory framework, to implement the general strategy of the accommodation / catering enterprise, as well as the functional ones - marketing, financial, personnel, ensuring its sustainable development.

ON 2: To analyze and plan the business in the field of restaurant and hotel services in a competitive environment, evaluate the possible volumes of sales of products and services, financial indicators, as well as identify risks in the conditions of market instability.

ON 3: To possess the technological skills of working with office and industrial equipment, computer programs, Internet technologies, automated hotel management systems, GDS and apply them in professional activities.

ON 4: To formulate the rules of relations between the staff with the guests, with each other, with the management and other employees, carry out coordination between the employees of the department and between the departments of the hotel / restaurant.

ON 5: Demonstrate sociability, knowledge of the principles of building business relationships, interpersonal communication and teamwork, organize and conduct meetings, negotiations, presentations of products and services of accommodation and catering enterprises, manage conflict situations in the team, resolve problems with consumers, partners and stakeholders.

ON 6: Determine the need for material resources and personnel, methods for their effective use to ensure high standards of customer service for restaurant and hotel services.

ON 7: To carry out a professional function to ensure the safe organization of labor, the provision of services to consumers, organize monitoring and control of the functioning of the internal company routine, labor and financial discipline of employees, compliance with service standards and quality of products and services established by regulatory documents and internal rules of the enterprise.

ON 8: Search and interpret the information necessary for the effective solution of production problems, transform knowledge of the theory of hospitality, historical experience, innovative technologies into practically relevant information for use in the production process at the enterprises of restaurant and hotel business, also the design / planning of hotel and restaurant complexes.

ON 9: Own relevant marketing technologies, including Digital Marketing, to promote and sell products and services of hospitality industry enterprises, conduct market research and take timely measures to increase competitiveness.

ON 10: Organize and plan the activities of the production departments of the hotel and restaurant sector, providing reception, accommodation, booking, meals, security, related services, work with a client database, taking into account the wishes, physical and psychological needs of visitors.

ON 11: Demonstrate knowledge of the technological processes of the production of various types of goods and services in the restaurant and hotel business; determine the forms and methods of monitoring the business processes of departments (services, branches) of an enterprise.

ON 12: Demonstrate skills, aspiration and ability to independently continue further education, professional excellence and career growth.

For university entrants


Academic activities

The academic activities of the EP are carried out:

  • within the framework of existing regulatory documents and guidelines in the field of higher education in the field of services,
  • as a result of the implementation of regulations governing the educational and methodological process at the university;
  • generalization and dissemination of new normative legal acts concerning methodological work;
  • current and long-term planning of educational and methodological work of the university; coordination of the educational and methodological complex of the discipline (UMKD) of the department for compliance with regulatory legal acts, the working curriculum and the educational program;
  • monitoring the provision of the educational process with educational and methodological materials, documenting the results;
  • development of teaching materials; 
  •  development and implementation of a working curriculum.

Scientific activity

For the implementation of the educational program there are:

  • specialized class / laboratory GDS "Sabre";
  • GIS laboratory;
  • communication and technical equipment with appropriate software support.
Scientific directions of the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism:
  • recreational geography and territorial organization of tourism;
  • ensuring sustainable development of tourism in Kazakhstan;
  • development of the concept and formation of the foundations of social tourism in Kazakhstan;
  • assessment of tourist and recreational loads on the ecosystems of specially protected natural areas;
  • development of the geographical basis for the development and territorial organization of agritourism;
  • planning and organization of ecological tourism in specially protected natural areas of Kazakhstan;
  • scientific support of digital innovations in the tourism and hospitality industry;
  • innovative technologies in the field of professional tourism education;
  • study of new trends in the development of tourism in the context of increasing globalization and informatization of modern society;
  • innovation in hospitality.

International activities

Academic mobility is implemented on the basis of relevant agreements with partner universities, including foreign ones, in particular, the Janos Kodolany University (Hungary), Anatolian University and Ankara University (Turkey), Belgorod State University, St. Petersburg State University, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUDN University (Russia), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) (China), etc. There is a possibility of academic mobility within the framework of the sub-alliance on tourism of the universities of the Silk Road countries (Xi'an, Hong Kong, Samarkand, Almaty), network programs of TedQual.UNWTO Program participants (more than 80 leading specialized universities in the World), international programs MEVLANA, Erasmus +, etc.

Quality assurance (accreditation, rating, work with employers)

Practice bases: Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAGiR); Kazakhstan Tourism Association (KTA); Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Almaty; JSC Hotel “Dostyk", Almaty; Almaty city; Burger King Mega park, Almaty; Company “Resorts of Kazakhstan”; restaurant complex “Jasmin”, JSC NC “Kazakh Tourism”; Department of entrepreneurship, trade and tourism of Pavlodar region; Hotel “Taldykorgan” LLP, Taldykorgan; Hotel “Arai”, Aktobe, etc.

The program was developed on the basis of the Professional standards of the service sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the participation of employers – leading hoteliers and restaurateurs of Kazakhstan, taking into account the experience of foreign partner universities and the possibility of integration into the international educational space.