6В05203 – Hydrology

Educational program

6В05203 Hydrology

Field of education

6B05 Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics

Direction of personnel training

6B052 Environment

Group of educational programs

B052 Earth Science

EP purpose

High-quality training of specialists in the field of hydrology and water resources with sufficient knowledge, able to absorb new knowledge objects, as well as generate new knowledge in the field of hydrology, formulate production problems in a professional language and solve them using modern technologies.

Language of education

Kazakh, Russian, English

Volume of the credits

240 academic credits 

The awarded academic degree

Bachelor of Natural Sciences by the «6B05203 - Hydrology» educational program

Educational outcome

Upon completion of this educational program, students are expected to be able to:

ON1. To work in a team, apply your knowledge in the field of natural and socio-economic sciences, analyze socially significant problems and processes, be able to use this knowledge in various types of professional activity, have sufficient theoretical training to analyze the socio-economic situation of countries and regions;

ON2 To make a qualitative forecast of the expected natural hydrological phenomenon, to predict the state of water resources, the regime and quality of water of natural and artificial reservoirs with an assessment of their potential;

ON3. To conduct hydrochemical monitoring on various types of water bodies with a wide range of analyzed parameters, determine in water, bottom sediments, soils, fish and precipitation of heavy metals and mineral salts, pesticides, issue the results of chemical and toxicological analyzes with an assessment of their compliance with current environmental and sanitary - hygienic standards;

ON4. To resolve issues related to ensuring the high-quality implementation of hydrological network work plans;

ON5. To integrate the gained knowledge in analyzing the regime of water bodies, calculating hydrological characteristics, modeling and forecasting hydrological processes using GIS technologies;

ON6. To substantiate the tasks of hydrology in related geosciences, the importance of hydrometeorological information in various fields of economic activity when solving water management activities;

ON7. To substantiate the regularities of the processes occurring in the hydrosphere on the basis of the modern concept of the development of hydrological science;

ON8. To produce the main types of hydrometric works, to carry out the processing of observation materials and their preparation for publication in the hydrological reference literature;

ON9. To make hydraulic calculations to justify hydraulic structures in the engineering and operation of water facilities in accordance with regulatory documents.

ON10. To determine the main characteristics of the channel turbulence, the mechanical and hydraulic properties of sediment and bottom sediment, the transporting ability of the turbulent flow for the design and trouble-free operation of the hydraulic structures;

ON11. To use methods for calculating river flow and be able to apply them in the presence of reliable observation materials and, if they are not available, for business planning, water resources assessment, water management justification;

ON12. To master the methods of making hydrological forecasts, determining the pollution of water bodies, to make hydrological calculations and analysis of the results obtained, to be able to draw up professional information provided by both specialists and non-specialists.

For applicants


Academic activity

Academic activity of the EP is carried out:

- within the framework of existing regulatory documents and methodological recommendations in the field of higher education in the field of Earth sciences;

- as a result of the implementation of regulatory documents regulating the educational and methodological process at the university;

- generalization and dissemination of new normative legal acts concerning methodological work;

- current and long-term planning of the educational and methodological work of the university; coordination of the educational and methodological complex of the discipline (EMCD) of the department for compliance with regulatory legal acts, the working curriculum and the educational program;

- monitoring the provision of the educational process with teaching materials, documenting the results;

- development of teaching materials; development and implementation of the working curriculum.

Scientific activity

For the implementation of the educational program there are a material and technical base, laboratories: an educational and laboratory hydrological center, which consists of: educational laboratory of hydrometry (111 aud.), Center for archiving hydrological information (17 zool); GIS-technology office (119 aud.), laboratories of the Scientific Research Institute of Ecology, Distance Learning Center.

Scientific schools or scientific directions of the department, (scientific projects): monitoring of water bodies, calculation of flow characteristics, forecast of elements of the hydrological regime of water bodies, modeling of hydrological processes, hydrological mapping in GIS environment.

International activity

Academic mobility of students is carried out in the framework of inter-institutional contracts / agreements or joint projects: a tripartite agreement / contract the student, the sending and receiving institution for internal academic mobility and invitations for external academic mobility.

Teachers of the educational program undergo internships, educational courses abroad to exchange experience, gain new competencies, and improve educational skills. 

Quality assurance (Accreditation, rating, work with employers)

KAZSEE accreditation 23/06/2020-22/062025

According to the results of the rating of educational programs among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes the first place on the IAAR and IKAQAE.

RSE "Kazgidromet" MEGPR RK, Institute of Geography and Water Safety of KN MES RK, GU "Kazselezashchita" of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, IC "KazZhol" LLP, PK "Institute Kazgiprovodkhoz", LLP "KAZGIDRO", GKP "Almaty Su", LLP "Ecoterra" , LLP "KAPE", akimats of all levels.