100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Saykiev H.M.

11 December 2014 teachers of the Department of Russian Philology, Russian and World Literature Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages organized and held a round table "A true knight of science" in the framework of the project "Aynalandy nurlandyr", which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Professor H.M Saykiev.

The guests of honor were relatives Halabi Muhitovicha veterans Treasury Associate Professor R.S. Kozhamkulov Professor G.V. Kim.

Round table was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages, Professor Omirhan Abdimanuly. Greeted with a story about the colorful life HM Saykieva and his forty years of activity in our university made the head. Department of Russian Philology, Russian and world literature, Professor B.U. Dzholdasbekova.

R.S. Kozhamkulov, followed by his supervisor H.M. Saykievym, in 1967, a doctorate in Russian language. She shared memories of his teacher, the author of monographs and more than 30 scientific papers on comparative grammar of Russian and Kazakh languages, 18 textbooks and manuals. Renata Seralievna solemnly handed over to the library of al-Farabi manuscript PhD thesis H.M. Saykieva. "Chalabi Muhitovich was a connoisseur, both Russian and Kazakh languages. He prepared a whole galaxy of competent teachers philologists-specialists in Russian philology. Always cheerful, smart and beautiful, wonderfully intelligent "- shared memories guest of the evening, his student Galina Kim. "We did not expect such a good-natured and honoring the memory of Chalabi Muhitovicha. We are "warmed up" the soul ... "- these words expressed their gratitude to the staff of the faculty and the department for the invitation to the event close Saykieva H.M. Statements and other roundtable participants who were lucky enough to know personally the great scientist, who dedicated his life to the service of science. Students treat guests to a small concert.


Publication date :  3/14/2015