Social life of the Chair

Social life of the Chair

Department of Russian Philology, Russian and World Literaturehas reached considerable successes in the field of sports, culture and amateur performances.

From the beginning of functioning of department Russian Philology, Russian and World Literatureas independent division al-Farabi Kazakh National University purposeful educational work with students, undergraduates and post-graduate students is spent: many will be organized and spent events, provided not only by the plan of action on educational work of university, but also at the initiative of students or separate teachers.

Annually the department develops the plan of measures on educational work. Educational work of chair assumes constant contact to students of members of chair, in particular curators of the academic groups. The chair main task thus consists in the continuous analysis of a course of educational process, maintenance among students of healthy psychological atmosphere and the creative activity, a healthy way of life, language and culture development.

According to the confirmed plans of work, the faculty practises following forms of carrying out of educational work:

- The organization of meetings of students with a management and teachers of chair;

- Realization of operative control over a course of educational process and progress of students;

- The organization of public life of students, carrying out of meetings and personal meeting with students;

- Attraction of students and undergraduates in carried out improving actions of university and faculty;

- Rendering of the necessary help in the organization of a life and leisure of students and others.