Talent contest among freshmen KazNU-2018

November 1, 2018, in the Palace of Students. Zholdasbekova passed the annual talent competition among first-year students - 1-year TALENTTARS 2018. Students of our faculty, with particularities of the specialty MKM, took an active part and won prizes in the nominations Best Folk Dance, Best Expressive Reading, Best Performance on a Musical Instrument. And the Grand Prix was awarded for the Best Modern Dance. A great contribution to the preparation of students for the competition was made by the students of MKM 4th year Shopan Anara, Musina Kamila, as well as the student dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, 3th year student of the MKM Kylyshbay Alua.
Congratulations guys on the victory!

Publication date :  11/24/2018