2-nd International summer school “Mathematical methods in science and Technology”

In the KazNU, on the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics from May 28 to June 8 there was a 2-nd International summer school “Mathematical methods in science and Technology”, in which first-year master students of MCM specialty took part.

Invited speakers:

  1. Professor Anastassios Bountis (NU, Kazakhstan),
  2. Professor Ioannis Stavroulakis (University of Ioannina, Greece),
  3. Professor Davronbek Matrasulov (Turin Polytechnic University, Republic of Uzbekistan),
  4. Professor Vasilis Kovanis (NU, Kazakhstan),
  5. Professor Dongming Wei (NU, Kazakhstan),
  6. Professor Anton Desyatnikov (NU, Kazakhstan),
  7. Professor Yingqiu Xie (NU, Kazakhstan),
  8. Professor Zhanat Zhunussova (KazNU, Kazakhstan),
  9. Assist. Professor Ardak Kashkynbayev (NU, Kazakhstan),
  10. Assist. Professor Konstantine Valagiannopoulos (NU, Kazakhstan),
  11. Assist. Professor Kuralai Yesmakhanova (ENU, Kazakhstan),
  12. Assist. Professor Aigerim Abdibekova (KazNU, Kazakhstan),
  13. Assist. Professor Niyaz Tokmagambetov (KazNU, Kazakhstan),
  14. Professor Zhanat Zhunussova (KazNU, Kazakhstan),
  15. Assist. Professor Marlen Bissaliyev (KazNU, Kazakhstan),
  16. Assist. Professor Almaz Sergaliev (KazNU, Kazakhstan).

Publication date :  6/21/2018