7М05407 Маthematics (URSA, France)

EP name

7М05407 Mathematics (URSHA, France)

Field of education

Mathematics and statistics

Direction of training

Mathematics and statistics

Group of educational programs

Mathematics and statistics


  • Apply innovative pedagogical technologies, methods in teaching mathematical disciplines; develop assessment tools, guidelines;
  • Give applied interpretations and, on the basis of deep systemic knowledge in the subject area, design a process for researching an applied problem using mathematical and statistical methods;
  • Competently use linguistic and linguo-cultural knowledge for communication in a multilingual and multicultural society of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the international arena;
  • Transform models using linear and nonlinear operators in various functional and topological spaces;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

Credit volume


Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • Develop effective mathematical methods for solving applied problems in mathematics, physics, mechanics, economics and management.
  • Develop effective mathematical methods for solving applied problems of mathematics, physics, mechanics, economics and management;
  • Analyze scientific information to formulate scientific hypotheses within the framework of their own research;
  • Continue independent and autonomous learning for creative self-development and self-improvement, for the development of basic and subject competencies throughout the entire professional activity;
  • To carry out a connection between the theory of groups and the theory of finite fields, for the study of other finite fields, having mastered the theoretical foundations of the theory of Galois fields.

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