7M07119 Space engineering and technology

ЕP name

7M07119 Space engineering and technology


Field of education

Engineering and engineering


Direction of training

Engineering and engineering


Group of educational programs

Space engineering


  • Interpret and generalize deep knowledge about modern problems, development trends and current trends, reflecting the current state of space technology and technology, as well as navigate in determining the interdisciplinarity of tasks;
  • Design satellite communication systems using GEO or LEO satellites to transmit voice, video or data signals using analog or digital modulation;
  • To apply space technologies for observing the Earth's surface to solve important problems of the economy, including the tasks of agriculture, ecology, defense, monitoring of emergency situations;
  • To develop engineering software, including analysis, design, development, testing and implementation;

Language of instruction

Russian English

Credit volume


Awarded academic degree


Learning outcomes

  • To determine the stages and principles of the design and testing of space systems and subsystems using the methods of system analysis, methods for evaluating parameters and optimization methods;
  • Critically assess ethical and professional responsibilities in engineering situations and apply informed decisions that should take into account the impact of engineering decisions in the global, economic, environmental and social contexts;
  • Analyze and manage the processes of organizing education aimed at improving the structure, quality, reputation based on modern management approaches;
  • Critically assess life and professional situations from the point of view of management psychology; effectively use knowledge of management psychology to develop their potential and team;
  • Identify methods and techniques that are applicable to their own scientific research and modern scientific research, communicate their findings and the knowledge used to formulate them, as well as justification to specialists and non-specialists.


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