7М05405 Mechanics and Power Engineering (UL, France)

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7М05405 Mechanics and Power Engineering (UL, France)

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  • Understand and evaluate the role of science in the development of society, describe modern problems of mechanics, the main trends and current trends in the development of mechanics as a science;
  • To formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems of mechanics, defining and assessing the relevance of the chosen topic in theoretical and practical terms;
  • Apply computer modeling in solving modern problems of mechanics with the subsequent visualization of the processes occurring in the object under study;
  • Apply modern high-performance computing technologies to solve mechanical problems and critically analyze and evaluate the results obtained;

Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian, English

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Learning outcomes

  • Analyze and apply analytical and numerical methods used to solve problems of the theory of elasticity, the theory of impact, the theory of rods, plates and shells, the study of mechanical processes in soils and rocks;
  • Plan and conduct research activities on a selected scientific topic, starting with a competent problem statement, determining a suitable mathematical model, making a reasonable choice of solution methods and ending with the interpretation of the results obtained with the development of recommendations for solving problems
  • Assess the interdisciplinarity of the problems under study, explain the research results and proposed recommendations to specialists and non-specialists, and also reasonably defend their point of view, critically and benevolently assessing the opinions of listeners;
  • Demonstrate the ability for independent learning and successful work in a team, identify and analyze further ways of professional development, assessing the limitations and requirements of society;
  • To carry out the teaching of special disciplines in universities and colleges, creatively applying the knowledge of pedagogy and psychology of higher education in pedagogical activity.

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