6B02101 Publishing Studies


EP name

6B02101 Publishing Studies

Education area

6B02 Arts and Humanities

Training direction

6B021 Arts

Group of educational programs

B029 Audio-visual equipments and media production

The goal

The program is aimed at shaping the personality of a specialist with creative thinking, capable of preparing, producing and distributing printed or digital publishing products based on modern publishing technologies; able to effectively collaborate with various specialists in the field of modern publishing.

Language of instruction

russian, kazakh

Volume of credits


Academic degree awarded


Learning outcomes

  1. ON1 Carry out the main stages of preparation, processing and production of publishing products taking into account standards, modern technologies and marketing promotion of products, logistics. To use statistical, sociological, linguistic-stylistic, marketing types of analysis in the step-by-step activity of publishing production.
  2. ON2  Implement the content of printed publications, the range of publishers on the basis of domestic and foreign experience.
  3. ON3 Monitor and implement the main trends in the development of innovative technologies in modern publishing.
  4. ON4 Combine traditional and modern methods of management in the work of the editor-publisher.
  5. ON5 Evaluate the quality of publishing products based on the analysis of content, cost and relevance of publications, through art criticism and peer review.
  6. ON6 Organize and conduct sociological research of the readership, including through social networks. To justify the choice of innovation strategies of the publishing house on the basis of the conducted research.
  7. ON7 Develop book publishing and printing terminology based on professional information, innovation and exchange of experience with colleagues.
  8. ON8 Apply modern techniques of proofreading and editing of author's originals of printed publications of different types on the basis of basic knowledge of textual, literary processing and editorial expertise.
  9. ON9 Perform information and bibliographic and advertising support of publishing activities in the legal field.
  10. ON10 Apply the technology of artistic and technical design of the book, taking into account the types of printing and consumables.
  11. ON11 Make proposals on the evolution of the publishing concept through a critical analysis of the transformation of publishing practice in Kazakhstan and abroad.
  12. ON12 Present publishing products, promote content, argue for professional solutions in a competitive environment.

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