Republican Student Subject Olympiad-2019

March 27-28, 2019 at the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Sciences of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University together with the MES RK, conducted the Republican Student Subject Olympiad in the specialty "5B061000-Hydrology".

At the Olympiad in 2019 were declared 5 teams:

1 team "Artesian" (Nysanbay E., Orazbai ай., Suleimen O.);

2 team "Stoke" (Tұrsynkali M., Dayrzhanova A., Әmetova P.);

3 team “New Wave” (Omarov N., Rakhmatulla A., Utegenova A.);

4 team “Hydro Group” (Dzharylgapova A., Altayzyzy A., Ergesh G.);

5 team “Aqua” (Sedenov S., Tai A., Konayeva K.).

In the team competition:

The 1st place was given to the team Stoke (Tұrsynkali M., Dayrzhanova A., metova P.).

2nd place - team Artezian (E. Nysanbay, Orazbai A., O. Suleimen)

                 - team “New Wave” (Omarov N., Rakhmatulla A., Utegenova A.)

3rd place - team “Aqua” (Sedenov S., Tai A., Konayeva K.)

- team "Hydro Group" (Dzharylgapova A., Altayzyzy A., Ergesh G.)

In the individual competition:

When conducting individual testing:

1st place - Suleimen Olzhas (Al-Farabi KazNU);

2nd place - Tursynagali Marzhan (Al-Farabi KazNU);

3rd place - Omarov Nurbolat (Al-Farabi KazNU);

Publication date :  4/22/2019