Round table for biology and biotechnology students at the seminar on Social Change and Political Modernization

           In the weekly seminar there was a round table discussion on the theme “The impact of language policy on human development in Kazakhstan”. Lecturer Sadyrova Mansiya Sapargalievna and a round table with the direct participation of the seminar organizer Burkhan Eltay Zhunisbekuly. One of the main directions of national policy was language policy, and students were free to express their opinions. Language policy is based on the right of everyone to speak a different language. Linguistic culture begins with language, but language plays an important and decisive role not only to reflect culture, civilization, social structure, people's worldview, but also to shape future generations. In a civilized society, language is regarded as an invaluable value to humanity. Currently, the problem of language in Kazakhstan is the most important during the period of political changes. Being a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan and, first of all, a patriot of their country, students actively participated in this topic. They discussed the impact of language policy on human development and shared their creative ideas about raising the status of the language.

Publication date :  10/14/2019