Chair history

The chair of sociology under the Kazakh national university of al-Farabi has its own history. It can be proud of its achievements in the field of sciences and education, which has been reached thanks to a number of great scientists and teachers.

The chair was opened in 1998. Necessity and expediency of opening of chair have been caused by requirements to qualitative perfection of vocational training of experts and, first of all on the basis of the profound and system mastering by them methods of the analysis of the social information, modelling and forecasting.

The first head of the department from 1988 to 1992 was Doctor of Economics, Professor Anatoly Rogachev Akimovich. From 1992 to 1993  department was headed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Tamara Umirzakova Azenovna.

In 1993 the Department of superintendence was invited Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor Kenes Umbetzhanovich Biekenov, who headed it for more than 10 years. In 1996, KU Biekenov has initiated the first international conference of Sociologists of Kazakhstan "The role of sociology in the renewal of society" and the international seminar "Applied research; Experiences, Opportunities and Prospects "(1997), with the support of UNESCO and the World Bank. Today Biekenov KU contributes greatly to the implementation of the state program "Cultural Heritage", as head of the section "sociology" and spends a lot of social work in the Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan, as its vice-president. Kenes Umbetzhanovich - scientist from own research aimed at solving the problems of Kazakhstan's sociology, have important theoretical and practical significance. Author of 200 published works, including monographs, textbooks and manuals. Biekenov KU - Is an academician of the Academy of Sociology, Political Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan, Honored Worker of Education, the owner of 38 international and state grants.

Head of the Department of Sociology (1993-2004 AD), Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor  Kenes Umbetzhanovich Biekenov


From 2004 to 2008  department actively worked under the guidance of Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor  Mansiya  Sapargalievna Sadyrova . At this time the department is focusing on getting research results in the field deviantology, youth sociology, sociology of entrepreneurship, gender and economic sociology.

From 2008 to the present time the department is headed by Doctor of Sociology of Sociology, Professor  
Gulmira Serikovna Abdiraiymova .

Doctor of Philosophy,
Nariman Abdrakhmanovich Aitov 
Head of the Department of Sociology
(2004-2008 gg.)
Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor
Mansiya Sapargalievna Sadyrova 

The backbone of the department, since its inception, were known at that time in the USSR social scientists whose names are associated not only becoming, but in the subsequent development of Kazakhstan's social science in general - well-educated people with great life and teaching experience and most importantly, with the talent of humanity.

Nariman Abdrakhmanovich Aitov (1925-1999) - professor, founder of the country's largest sociological laboratory and Ufa school of sociology. He developed the theory of the development of regional planning, social planning and social planning, investigate the features of the social structure and social movements, the social impact of scientific and technological revolution and the ways of their regulation. Aitov NA owns more than 300 publications, including monographs: "Social engineering", "Social Development of Regions", "New industrial center and the village", "Society in Transition", "STR and social planning", "The fate of the Kazakh village", " The ratio of workers to work in the transitional period "," Technological progress and the movement of skilled workers, "" The social structure of the population of the CIS countries "," Sociology of Work "," Social Philosophy "," Economic sociology "and others. 

 Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
Matipulla Salahadinovich Azhenov 

Candidate of Historical Sciences,
Associate Professor Sarsembay Karasaevich Uteshov

Matipulla Salahadinovich Azhenov (1932-2011) - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, who is rightly considered the founder of the Kazakhstani school of sociology of social structure. Study of the problems of social structure and stratification of society devoted to 125 of two hundred scientific papers Matipulla Salahadinovicha, including well-known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the CIS countries monograph: "Social-class structure of Soviet Kazakhstan" (1972), "The social structure of Soviet society "(1980)," Social Stratification in the Republic of Kazakhstan "(1997)," Kedeyshіlіk sotsiologiyasy "(2004)," Sociology of social structure "(2007) and others. In these works of scientists analyzed patterns of formation and development of the social structure modern society, trends and factors of its transformation, the characteristics of the various segments of the population. Value of works Matipully Salahadinovicha determined for readers, especially the fact that they contain not only information relating to the "Archives of science", but also the formation of modern scientific knowledge, gives an idea of ​​the processes that unfold in different spheres of society: the social structure , education, science.

Sarsembay Karasaevich Uteshov - candidate of historical sciences, associate professor - scientist whose research interests are related to the study of demographic processes in modern society, sociology, international relations. Combining research interest in the sociological heritage and the latest achievements of the theory, Sarsembay Karasaevich teaches courses and supervise students' research work on the most pressing problems of modern social science. Author of more than 100 scientific publications, including the popular textbooks on ethnosociology and demographics.

Doctor of Philosophy,
Galihan Galimgalievich Akmambetov

Doctor of Social Sciences,
Zaure Zholdasbekovna Zhanazarova

Galihan Galimgalievich Akmambetov (1935-2014) - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. Research interests focus on scientific study of the problem of philosophical anthropology, ethics and sociology. Author of over 100 scientific publications, the most important of which are: "Ethics teacher" (1976), Problems of the object and subject of philosophy "(1978)," Problems of the individual's consciousness "(1978)," The principles of specificity in the study of moral processes "(1983) "Sociological studies of the spiritual world of the individual" (1985), "Morality and outlook of the person" (1986), "The structure of morality and personality" (1989), "I and the ethical problem" (1998), "Consciousness in the socio-cultural context" (2005) .

Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor
Zaure Zholdasbekovna Zhanazarova working at the department since its inception, its research interests are in close contact with the sociological and psychological studies of the family at the present stage, the culture of inter-ethnic marriages, family and demographic policies. She has published more than 100 scientific works, including textbooks, manuals and monographs.

One of the important tasks in the initial stage of formation of the department was to strengthen its personnel, who for decades has changed dramatically in the direction of teacher, department replenished with new experts in the field of sociology and social work. Significant contribution to the establishment and development department have professors and associate professors, got his first teaching experience and defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations during the formation and development of the department: Sadyrova MS, Dzhamanbalaeva SH.E., Zhanazarova Z.Zh., Kozhamkulova LT, Abdirayymova GS, Abdikerova GO, Shedenova NU, Nurbekova JA, Morozova TA, Kylyshbaeva BN, AT Abzhalieva and others. They began to defend their candidate and doctoral dissertations on various contemporary issues of sociology, sociology of deviant behavior (Dzhamanbalaeva SH.E.), theory, methodology and practice of social studies, sociology of the family (Zhanazarova Z.Zh.). By 2002, the department has reached its highest level ostepenennyh the university.

Over the years the chair of its employees have made a significant contribution to the development of sociological thought - hundreds of publications, dozens of scientific papers and textbooks Sociology negіzderі (Biekenov K.U., Sadyrova M.S., G.S. Abdirayymova, Abdikerova G.O. et al., 2005), Modern Family in Kazakhstan and its problems (Zhanazarova Z.Zh., 2005), Әleumettanu (2 m.) (M.M. Tajin, Shaukenova Z.K., Azhenov M.S., Biekenov K.U., Dzhamanbalaeva Sh.E., Abdirayymova G.S., M.S. Sadyrova, Zhanazarova Z.Zh., Abdikerova G.O., Shedenova N.U., Morozova T.A. et al. 2005), Socialization modern personality (Abdikerova G.O., 2005), values ​​of today's youth (sociological analysis) (Abdirayymova GS) business in modern Kazakhstan society (Nurbekova J.A., 2005), Sociology of Education ( Azhenov M.S., M.S. Sadyrova, 2007), the social structure of society (Azhenov MS, MS Sadyrova, 2007), Қoғam pіkіrі sotsiologiyasy (Zhanazarova Z.Zh., Mamytkanov D.K., 2007), Sociology of the Family (Zhanazarova Z.Zh., 2007), Language socialization and the formation of social behavior of the person (Biekenov K.U., Sadyrova M.S., Sayran Saduakas, 2007), the axiological problems in sociology: theoretical studies ( Abdirayymova G.S., 2008), The Sociology of Youth (Abdirayymova G.S., 2008) etc.

At present, the department staff are working on the integration to a world scientific and educational space, conduct relevant researches, use modern teaching methods.