Dear teachers and students, we congratulate You on Nauryz holiday! We wish you success and family well-being, health, peace and tranquility of our country!March 28, 2019 acting associate Professor of sociology and social work of the faculty of philosophy and political science of KazNU.Al-Farabi.a. SOC. science. the candidate of pedagogical Sciences A. AvSydykova and doctoral student of 1 course of a speciality "Sociology" Syzdykova S. M. In the framework of the decade of science at the faculty of Philology held an international scientific seminar on "Problems and prospects of integration of science and education in the Eurasian space" " on the topic. At this open educational hour the history of Nauryz kozhe, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people were widely covered. Doctoral Saule Syzdykova told the students about Nauryz kozhe. Student Turgankulov Azamat gave the guests and students is a blessing "Kydyr ATA". Performed at the celebration of Nuran Jania, Gaukhar Sultanova, Amangeldin Ilyas, Kadyrbekuly Aigerim and Gysin Altynay. In addition, at the end of the evening students were offered traditional dishes of Nauryz-Nauryz kozhe, baursak, Kurt. During the educational hour a round table with the participation of the head was held.Department of sociology and social work, social. science. doctor, Professor Abdirayymova Gulmira Serikovna and the teaching staff of the Department congratulated students on the holiday of Nauryz, wished students success in their studies and education. I really liked this open educational hour, which has educational value.

Publication date :  4/24/2019