REPORT about the done work of club Society of chair of sociology and social work for the second half of the 2019-2020 academic year


April 11, 2019-2020 academic year in the framework of "Farabi Alemi" doctoral, Professor of sociology and social work M. F. Puzikov and doctor of Phdm.K. Sharecapital intellectual game "What? Where? When?". The intellectual game was attended by undergraduates of the 1st course of the specialty "Sociology" and undergraduate students of the specialty "Social work".

During the intellectual game Professor M. F. Puzikov from his work read Patriotic poems about love to his Homeland and native Shanyrak.It is no coincidence that the students sincerely applauded when they heard the words from the poem "I will bow to my Home". The author wrote:

Казахстан, мой родной Казахстан

Величавым и сильным сегодня ты стал

А в небе синем как прежде застыл неподвижно орел,

Чтоб узреть свою степь как бескрайний и дивный шатер.

А в горах и в степи засверкали огни,

То солдаты вернулись с той страшной, кровавой войны

Там врагу они мстили за смерть и за кровь,

Чтоб фашизм исчез и ушел навсегда под топор

Чтоб любовь расцвела, как тюльпаны весной

Чтоб вернулся и я в дом родной

Как герой и живой.

The intellectual game "What? Where? When?"concerning the main dates and events of the formation of Independent Kazakhstan, as well as to create a festive mood, students were offered funny charades and riddles.If we briefly consider the history of the game, the intellectual game "What? Where? When?"it is a Soviet and Russian television game. Using the brainstorming method, a team of six "experts" players looks for the correct answer to any question asked by viewers within one minute. For the correct answer the point gets a team of experts, for the wrong point get their opponents — a team of viewers. The first team to score six points wins.The game was created by Director Vladimir Voroshilov and editor Natalia Stetsenko in the USSR.This game has become a traditional game of many universities.Therefore, this tradition continues every year at the Department of sociology and social work.

Publication date :  4/24/2019