Round table about article - Seven faces of the great steppe by N.Nazarbayev

February 21, 2019 in 121 room from 09: 00 to 10: 00 hours acting associate Professor of department "Sociology and social work" of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi Avsydykova Kuralai and doctoral student of Saule Syzdykova and 2nd year students, sociology, gathered Round the table article by N.A. Nazarbayev " Seven faces of the great steppe". "The seven faces of the great steppe" is a passport that is proud of generations, courageously and vividly promotes its traditions to the world.Any of the seven faces of the great steppe is A special heritage in the life of the Kazakh people. Students discussed in detail with students the culture of riding, technology of production and processing of ancient metal, advanced culture with its inscription and mythology, apples and tulips, worthy of the national brand of the Kazakh people, historical values taking place in the country.

Publication date :  2/21/2019